The First Weekend in January

I realize a lot of you are experiencing harsh winter conditions.

I saw a lot of photos of snow being shared on various forms of social media over the weekend.

Snow looks very pretty.

I’ve never been in a snow storm.

(See?  I don’t even know if snow storm is one word, or two words, or one hyphenated word?!)

I have, once upon a time, visited snow, sledded, skied, etc.

I sort of gave all that up once I realized how cold snow is.

In any case, it was warm (mid to high 70’s) here.

I hope sharing photos makes those of you who are cold feel a little warmer.

On Saturday I was in Newport Beach shooting.

I convinced my son to join me for a long, long, walk afterwards.

(He’s been mainly resting at home while recovering from having his wisdom teeth removed.)

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It’s good for a person’s psyche to see the ocean.

(Which is exactly what I told my son when I invited him to join me!)

I could tell he was in much better spirits after getting a dose of sea breeze and salt air.

Later, on Saturday evening, I took him to the movies.

We saw the latest Hobbit movie.

(We’ve already seen several other movies since he’s been home for winter break.)

I’ve been spending a lot of time fixing “soft” foods for him too.

(Speaking of soft foods, the hummus recipe from my new cookbook is great.  I’ve made hummus several times before but this was the best batch I’ve ever made.)

I wonder if I get a mom-of-the-year award anytime soon?

On Sunday afternoon, I was in Laguna Beach.

There weren’t any dramatic clouds, but sunset was beautiful even without them.

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My son is in California for one more week.

Reality has already returned to my life, however.

I’m back to work and my schedule is (of course) crazy again.

5 Responses to “The First Weekend in January”

  1. Judi

    My husband (55 years old) has never seen snow fall. He’s “been to” the snow, walked on it, played in it, but never when it’s actually snowing. Having grown up in Chicago, this boggles my mind! Since I’ve lived out here for 30+ years now, though, there’s no way I could ever live in snow again. It does look beautiful, but I’ll stick with pictures or very short visits.

    • Suzanne

      I saw about three flakes fall once, but that’s it.
      : )

  2. Erica

    “I sort of gave all that up once I realized how cold snow is.”

    You are so funny!

  3. Robyn

    I live in Minneapolis, MN. It was so cold here on Sunday/Monday that they closed all MN schools on Monday. My son’s school closed on Tuesday as well. The actual temp was -20 something with the windchill (feels like) at -40. It was COLD. Wish I was in CA right now…


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