Aaaand … It’s February

It seems like it was a long weekend.

Why do some weekends seem short and fast?

And other weekends seem to go on forever even when they really don’t?

If we’re going to ponder life,

Why don’t we also ask why the Super Bowl turned out to be such a non-event?

(Although, I did really enjoy hanging out with friends and eating chili during the game.)

In other news,

Here’s a look at the last few days:

•  There was a possibility of rain here one day.  Everyone got very excited since we’re in a drought.  The rain never materialized, although I did hear some areas in L.A. got a couple sprinkles.  The rain, like the Super Bowl, ended up being a non-event.  (Oh look!  There’s a CLOUD!)

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•  Baby Face KILLED me last Friday.  My legs and butt are still sore.  For some unknown reason, I’m working out with him again today.  Call me crazy.  (Also, I may have sent him a random text over the weekend saying, “You’re evil.”)

•  Friday night’s sunset was spectacular.  From up high on a mountain, it was like viewing three different sunsets.  To my left were ONE type of clouds, and one set of colors.  Straight in front of me was an entirely different scene.  And to my right, looking up the coast, was yet another type of clouds and completely different colors.  It was really breathtaking.

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•  It was breezy on Saturday.  I went for a long walk on the beach in Newport.  There were very few people out and about.  (I love it when it’s NOT tourist season.)  The skies were crystal clear, the ocean was choppy from the wind, the pelicans were soaring happily overhead.  I could have walked on the beach for MILES.  Oh wait, I think I did …..

•  I like HBO’s new show True Detective.  A lot.  (Also, I have a not-new crush on Matthew McConaughey.)

•  I had a new passport photo taken and found out you’re no longer allowed to smile for passport photos.  My passport photo looks like a mugshot of Serial Killer Woman.

•  The Puppy Bowl (shown on Animal Planet) made me want at least ten new puppies.  Mocha is very old, though.  I don’t think it would be fair to her to bring a puppy into the house.

•  There seem to be “foot massage parlors” opening up all over The OC suddenly.  They have signs up saying it costs $25 for an hour-long foot massage.    (?????)   Have any of you TRIED one of these places?  Would you?  How much can be done to a foot in a one hour period?  Do I even want to know?

8 Responses to “Aaaand … It’s February”

  1. Judi

    I have done the foot massage, usually when I’ve been there it’s 30 minutes on the feet and 30 minutes shoulder/body. I love it, but my friend has more sensitive feet and hates it. They really dig in so it can hurt, but for me it’s a good kind of hurt. I’ve only been to the one in Diamond Jamboree (blanking on the name right now…), but there’s a newer one about 2 blocks from my house I might try.

    • Suzanne

      Hmmm, that’s interesting.
      Well, I guess I wouldn’t ever do it.
      I wouldn’t want someone messing w my shoulder since it’s such a mess.
      The foot part sounds relaxing though ….

      • Judi

        I’m sure you can get just a foot massage, whether it’s 30 minutes or an hour.

  2. Jane

    Suzanne, I hate to contradict you (but I’m gonna!) The Superbowl was not a non-event, it was AWESOME! Especially the first half. I’ll give you that most of the commercials were blah, but the Seahawks? Damn, they were HOT!

    • Suzanne

      I just meant it was a non-event because it was so one-sided.
      I didn’t have a preference for either team so I was hoping for an exciting game.
      It was over almost as soon as it started ….

  3. Tomi

    foot massage places are nice.. soak feet in very warm water while they do acupressure massage to head, neck and upper boody, then feet and legs, finish with back. You can tell them if you want them to avoid certain areas.. at least around my area. Love your photography, BTW, I take terrible pics but my daughter has a knack for it so I share yours with her (15yo)

    • Suzanne

      Thank you!
      Encourage your daughter –
      It’s great she’s starting young!


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