New Lip Gloss, New Sneakers, New Woman

I hate shopping.

It’s especially difficult in Orange County.

When I go out to local malls, I catch myself saying, “WHOA!” out loud when I see some of the plastic people.

I’m immune to most of it, but there are always a few people who stop me in my tracks.

(The ones who have their lower lip pulled up over their forehead or some other such thing.  Let them be a lesson to us all!)

I decided yesterday, in spite of my Shopping-Avoidance-Syndrome, it was time to get a bit of a make-over.

My idea of a make-over is pretty mild.

First, I needed new lip gloss.

I wear lip gloss (with barely a hint of color) just to avoid dried out beach-y lips.

I’m outside a lot and my sweet (?), sensuous (?), lips need protection.

I’m all about well lubed lips.

(Ha ha … sounds SO inappropriate!)

But, it’s true.

I never wear lipstick and I don’t care at all about makeup.

I like Lancome’s Juicy Tube lip glosses.

They feel good on, and an application lasts longer than most types of lip gloss.

Also, one tube can last for years … which is why I haven’t had to buy more in ages.

I’m particularly fond of the cocoa bronze Juicy Tube because its slight tint looks better than most on me.

(I’m not a pink or red lip type of girl.)

Anyway, I picked up a new tube of lip gloss and felt super proud of myself.

Next on my agenda was a new pair of sneakers.

Ninety nine percent of the time I’m:

•  Barefoot,

•  In flip flops, or

•  In sneakers.

I’ve been wearing the same pair of Nike Free sneakers for a few years now.

They’re really cute.

I wear them to work out in.

I wear them to shoot in.

I wear them INTO the ocean.

I’ve washed them in my washing machine a bazillion times.


My feet have been killing me.

I decided it was a sign of getting old.

I flashed back to my four hundred year old grandmother, years ago, complaining about her aching feet.

But then?

I thought maybe I owe it to myself to buy a new pair of sneakers once every few years.

I asked Twitter to help me out with running shoe suggestions because I wanted something with a lot of padding and stability for walking through tidepools.

As it turned out, it’s amazing how good a new pair of sneakers can feel.

Maybe I’m not quite as ancient as my feet have been feeling?

I ended up buying two pairs – one pair of Asics and one pair of Brooks.

Neither pair are nearly as cute as my old Nikes, but both feel a zillion times better to wear.

(My Nikes were comfortable years ago when I bought them … they’ve just become extremely worn out.)

My plan is to wear one pair for working out in, and the other pair for day-to-day use, shooting, etc.

Of course, knowing me, both pairs will be worn climbing through tidepools sometime soon.

(I start out with the best of intentions, but end up in the ocean with my clothes and shoes on all the time.)

I don’t know why that always happens?

In any case, I feel very “together” now with my new (but the same) lip gloss and my more comfortable (but uglier) sneakers.

It’s the little things in life …!

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  1. Julie in Michigan

    Thanks for the chuckle this morning! …..the ones who have their lower lip pulled up over their forehead…hahaha. I’ll bet it is a sight to see shopping were you live.


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