Oh, The Stupid!

Some of you are nice, calm, patient people.

I want you to know I admire you a lot.

Sometimes I’m a nice, calm, patient person myself, but other times I’m not.

In fact, I have days when I get so frustrated with incompetence and/or stupidity I can barely stand it.

Yesterday was such a day.

(And no, I’m not pms’ing.)

In the morning, I noticed I had dropped about eight thousand facebook subscribers overnight.

I realize I’m not everybody’s cup of tea, but the chance of eight thousand people simultaneously unfollowing me is highly unlikely.

I tried to email Facebook to inform them there appears to be some time of glitch in their system,

But, of course, you can’t email a PERSON at Facebook.

You can only send an email to a bot and hope that someday, maybe several years from now, a human might see it and act on it.

I won’t hold my breath …

(I lost another thousand plus subscribers after emailing the bot.)

Next on my agenda was taking my camera to the Canon Service Center in Irvine.

I get my camera professionally cleaned and serviced regularly.

I wrongly assumed I could drop it off very quickly because I usually do.

I forgot it was “the day after a holiday weekend” and the whole world would have attempted to use a camera over the weekend.

(I’m a platinum level Canon photographer so I *could* have made a drop-off appointment, but I didn’t.  My fault.)

As I waited my turn, I listened to the amazing spectrum of stupid the Canon employees have to deal with every day.

I realize a lot of people don’t understand how a camera works, and that’s okay.

I don’t know every detail of how my computer or car works.

There’s a difference between a lack of knowledge and pure stupidity.

The man who waited a half hour to tell the Canon employee there were specks of dust on the outside of his lens was … stupid.

The Canon employee looked at him.

She looked at the lens on the camera.

She blew on the outside of the lens.

She handed it back to the owner.

He looked at it, smiled, and left.


Meanwhile, another gentleman handed his camera over the desk to a different Canon employee.

“May I help you?” asked the Canon employee.

“Yup,” said the man.


“Is there something wrong with your camera?” asked the Canon employee.

“Um.  It’s weird,” answered the man.

“Weird?  What is it doing that seems weird?”

“Dunno.  Something’s just weird.”


If I worked at Canon?

I would have reached across the desk and slapped the *weird* out of that man.

There was another man who had a broken camera.

Guess what was broken?

It wasn’t taking focused photos.

Turns out, OOPS!

He had turned the camera from autofocus to manual focus.

(If the camera is in manual focus the user has to, you know, FOCUS THE CAMERA.)

Once I had my fill of stupid at the Canon service center, I attempted to drive back home.

The car in front of me, on the freeway on-ramp, never reached a speed over 29 mph.

(Freeways here are 65mph which means everyone is driving at least 70.)

I just wanted to scream at that point.

(I didn’t because I was too busy dodging oncoming cars traveling a zillion times faster than I could go with put-put in front of me.)

But hey, it must mean I’m bound to be surrounded by lots of smart, savvy, people today.

There’s no way I could have another day filled with that much stupid.

Right …??


12 Responses to “Oh, The Stupid!”

  1. Julie in Michigan

    oh my, what a day FULL of stupid. I hope today is not so stupid if you have to go out!!!

  2. Mj

    I have been in a vehicle with another person driving who couldn’t understand why other drivers were speeding all around her on the freeway. Ummmm, maybe because she never went above 30 mph. Stupid is as stupid does!

  3. Jan's Sushai Bar

    My friend, I’m afraid the law of averages NEVER work in your favor when it comes to stupid.

    I guess you could not leave your house and make sure to not get on the internet or turn on the television; that’s the only way I can think of to avoid it. It might come looking for you, though, so don’t answer the door or the phone.

  4. Sandra

    This was a good post. Sorry about all the stupid, but it made me laugh.


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