Spring, Summer or ??

We’ve had no winter this year.

I apologize to all of you who have had too much winter this year.

Apparently, we’ve gone straight into spring.

Or, maybe even summer –

It was in the mid-80’s at my house yesterday.

Will people throw things at me if I say I’m a little tired of constant sunshine?

I’d really like *just a day or two* of storms.

And yes, if we ever get a storm I’ll be outside enjoying it with my camera.

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The cacti are blooming.

Not everyone appreciates a blooming cactus, but I do.

It seems so joyful for them to have pretty flowers sprouting off of their prickly bodies.

It makes me smile.

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The hummingbirds are busy making love and making nests.

Oh, and eating/drinking gallons of food from my feeders also.

Every morning lately, when I wake up, I see a “very high pollen count” warning alert on my phone.

I’m not quite sure why my phone alerts me to very high pollen counts.

Especially since my puffy, itchy, eyes have already made me very aware of it.

Lots of pollen in the canyon is a good excuse to spend more time at the beach.

I enjoy early evening walks at some of our local harbors.

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I took the above photo at Dana Point Harbor.

I’ve recently been asked to photograph the upcoming Dana Point Whale Festival.

I’m trying to juggle my calendar to make it happen.

It’s always great to work outdoor events by the water …. cool sea breezes and a lot of happy people.

4 Responses to “Spring, Summer or ??”

  1. Denise

    Trees in our area are blossoming already, but not doing a very good job of it because of the drought. I doubt we’ll have wildflowers and that makes me sad. Although rain is coming in late next week so fingers crossed it will help a little. So many hummingbirds at your place, you must keep a lot of sugar in the house for them. I have a new one, an Allen’s hummer, and he is so pretty. Have a nice weekend.

    • Suzanne

      I saw the pretty photo you posted on FB.
      We get a lot of the Allen hummers here too.
      In fact, we get a ton of different types. I bet you’ll see a lot of different ones where you live too.
      I do keep bags of sugar in my pantry. I make batches of food for them and store it in the fridge so I don’t have to make it every day. It’s like having an extra pet to care for ….

  2. Erica

    I never expect man-made things to be beautiful but sometimes they are just that, like your photo of Dana Point Harbor. I hope you can post Dana Point Whale Festival pictures on this site.

    This year I am getting a bird feeder and hoping the squirrels stay away. I have no idea what kinds live here.

    • Suzanne

      Yes, I’ll post some photos from the whale festival here.
      Harbors are often pretty … especially in the evening when they’re quiet and still. Lights reflect off the water.

      I can’t wait to hear about your bird adventures!
      : )


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