Tummy Tuck Plastic Surgery Consultation

For several years, I’ve casually wished I’d had a tummy tuck after my third child was born.

I didn’t think about it seriously in earlier years, because I was too busy raising three kids.

Also …

I’m not a big fan of The OC Barbie Club.

(There was also a car accident and eight years of recovery.)

With one of my pregnancies I had a condition called polyhydramnios where the uterus holds not only a baby,

But enough extra amniotic fluid to make the woman’s uterus stretch to the same size as if she were carrying twins.

The additional size is not fat, or “water retention,” it’s amniotic fluid inside the womb.

Long story short, having polyhydramnios is (as far as your figure is concerned), the same thing as going through a pregnancy with twins.

The after effects on your body aren’t super sexy.

I refer to my abdomen as “my baby bulge,” but I also often think of it like a kangaroo’s pouch.


I’ve been working out regulary at the gym for over a year now.

My legs are stronger, and I’m stronger.

My stomach, however, looks exactly the same.

Yesterday, I had a consultation with a plastic surgeon.

Will you be surprised to hear I was absolutely terrified to go see him?

I spend my life trying to HIDE my baby bulge, I couldn’t imagine willingly baring it to a stranger.

Now, let me backtrack (and sidestep) for a minute …..

Paul Newman has become one of my favorite girlfriends.

Yes, he has.

I frequently have men as girlfriends, so it’s not unusual.

Also, Paul Newman sees me a lot and he’s very used to “the way I am.”

My filter-less brain and mouth don’t faze him in the least.

In addition, Paul Newman happens to know Dr. Plastic on a personal level.

(I’m not going to use Dr. Plastic’s real name on 24.)

I’m sharing this background information so you can understand the following text stream.

Text Messages Between Paul Newman (who was busy trying to work) and me:

Me (noonish):  I’m getting naked for Dr. Plastic at 3:00.  I’m so nervous and scared.  What if seeing me naked scars him for life???

Paul Newman:  Tell him I said hi

Me:  OK, I will.

Me (2:55pm):  In waiting room.  I’ve never been this nervous in my life.  This is terrifying.  Must write blog post about it.

Paul Newman:  Absolutely

Me: OMG he’s SO cute.  Naked.  Waiting for him.  That sounds bad.

Paul Newman:  Yes

Me:  Well that was very traumatic but he couldn’t have been nicer.  He seemed delighted by my baby bulge.

Paul Newman:  Good guy and surgeon!

Me:  I liked him.  It may take him a week to get over meeting me.  I was very nervous and I might have gone off on tangents.

Paul Newman:  Not you!

Me:  (smiley face)

So, now let me fill in the blanks.

Dr. Plastic walked into the room and he is gorgeous.

He shook my hand, and I shook his, and then my no-filter brain said,

“Oh no!  You’re cute!”

He seemed a little taken aback by this.

My guess is prospective patients usually THINK Dr Plastic is attractive, but don’t SAY it.

I was terrified and very nervous.

I talked a lot and went off on a lot of tangents.

Eventually, he looked at my stomach.

I apologized to him.

Yes, I did.

I said, “I’m sorry you have to look at this.”

Then he looked at my stomach and said, “Oh, that’s not bad.”

I think he probably learned to say that while he was in Plastic Surgery School.

I bet doctors don’t pass their board exams unless they can look at a patient who looks horrible and calmly say,

“Oh, that’s not bad.”

It’s probably a requirement.

He explained to me what happens to abdominal skin and muscles when a woman has polyhydramnios.

(I was thrilled he knew what it was.)

He told me why all the abdominal workouts in the world won’t make a change in my body.

He also explained to me he how he could fix my baby bulge, which is basically baggy, flappy, flabby, stretched out skin.

(Sorry!  I’m one very sexy chick????)

In fact, Dr. Plastic seemed delighted with my tummy.

He said he could make a “night and day” difference in it.

Of course, I’m not twenty years old anymore.

I’m not THIN either.

If I decide to let him have his way with me, I don’t expect to have a twenty year old body or belly.


It might make me feel a lot less self conscious about myself if I didn’t have a bag of skin hanging off my middle.

(Isn’t that the grossest thing you’ve ever heard??  So BAD!)


The cost would be less than what I anticipated.

So, I’m thinking about it.

I’m considering it.

If I do decide to go ahead with it, the trick will be finding a time when I can take a break from work.

If I don’t do it, I wonder if I will spend the rest of my life regretting it?

I imagine that “extra” skin will be hanging down to my ankles in another decade or two.


I’m not getting any younger.

(And, I’m certainly too old to be a member of the OC Barbie club.)

I think if I’m going to do it, it should be sooner vs. later.

But, I’m not sure.

I need to think about it.

20 Responses to “Tummy Tuck Plastic Surgery Consultation”

    • Suzanne

      I think a LOT of women who have had children would like to have this done ….

  1. Denise

    I say, Go for it. You’ve had to go through so many surgeries due to the accident, you could go through this one just because you want to, and you will be happy with the results.

    • Suzanne

      The thing holding me back is the fact I’ve had to go through so many surgeries. This is a pretty big surgery and it’s hard to willingly put myself up for that after what I’ve already had to deal with.

  2. Jan's Sushai Bar

    It took me a minute to get over the fact that you’re voluntarily considering surgery (!), but let me just say: No, the grossest thing I could ever hear is me describing MY naked stomach.

    You look like Cindy Crawford in that regards. Trust me on this one.

    • Suzanne

      (See above reply to Denise.)
      That’s really what’s holding me back.
      It’s difficult to think of going into any surgery willingly ….

  3. Mj

    You are TOO funny!
    I think most women that have had children would opt for a tummy tuck. I know I would if I could afford it. I am past the age of plastic Barbie perfectionism but it would be nice to be rid of the excess tummy flab.
    I have a very overweight friend who told me that the excess stomach that hangs over (hers is immense) is called an apron. I was so grossed out by that term!
    I think if it will make a person feel better about themselves then they should go for it. Botox and plastic surgeries on the face is in my opinion the worst thing a person can do. The look is usually so fake it is scary (think Michael Jackson).

    • Suzanne

      OK, the term “apron” absolutely flips me out.
      That alone might be what motivates me to do this.

    • Suzanne

      Thinking, thinking, thinking ….
      If only I could blink and make it happen without going through the surgery!

  4. Stacy G

    What does briefcase think about it? Is he a good nursemaid?

    • Suzanne

      Briefcase is NOT a good nursemaid, but I think he would try to be in town to help. He understands why I would want it done, but isn’t excited about the idea of a surgery. (Which is how I feel too.)

  5. Peeved Michelle

    I have lost 145 lbs. There is no way your stomach looks worse than what is going on under my clothes. I, too, recently had a consultation about this. I need a full lower body lift, not just a tummy tuck. It wasn’t baring it all to the surgeon that had me nervous, it is the recovery from this surgery.

    • Suzanne

      Congratulations Michelle! That is so awesome!
      And yes, the surgery and recovery scares me too. You’d think I’d be used to surgeries after all of my car accident related ones, but I think it has only made me realize how bad the whole deal really is.

  6. Jane

    The recovery is difficult, more than from a C section. I asked my doctor “when will I be able to stand up straight?” His reply? “Whenever you can!” LOL.

    I could walk immediately after surgery but I was in a LOT of pain. The pain was gone after about a week. For about a month I walked somewhat bent over.

    Having said all that, I would do it again in a heartbeat. It’s been twenty years now and my stomach still looks good. It was worth the month of recovery to get rid of all the scar tissue from my 3 C sections and to be able to wear jeans again.

    I hope this is helpful in making your decision. You might want to give yourself at least 2-3 weeks before resuming shooting but you can certainly sit at a computer and do editing.

    Bikini, anyone?

    • Suzanne

      I love hearing your experience.
      I haven’t ever had a C section but I’ve helped friends through them.
      From things he told me yesterday, I think the surgery is a little improved over how it used to be.
      It sounds like it is a very tough recovery, but he did say I should be able to stand up straight at one week if I decide to do it. I think the first week after any surgery is pretty miserable. He did say it’s an 8 week recovery, but that most people are doing pretty well at the one month point.

      There are all sorts of factors involved in the decision.
      Recovery is a big one.
      Being able to take time off work is another.

  7. Kristen G

    My best friend is having a tummy tuck (also after 3 kids) on Feb 26th with Dr. Doezie, who has an office in Ladera. I’ll come back and update you on the pain factor – she’s super busy and has a pretty high pain tolerance, so I’m curious as to how her recovery will go. Good luck with your decision! I’m still wanting a breast lift with an implant for fullness, and some lipo on my love handles. Based on cost, and the fact that I am terrified of screwing up my body, I may never do it.

    • Suzanne

      Hmmm … I haven’t heard of him.
      I’m sure he’s fine, but with all the “famous” plastic surgeons in the Newport area I’m surprised she’d risk her body with someone less known. That’s one thing I’ve learned from my medical woes … find the very best and find a way to pay for him. I learned that lesson the hard way via my car accident.

      So many bad docs out there. (I’m sure she knows he’s fine or she wouldn’t use him.)

      I am interested in hearing about her recovery – very interested!

  8. Twinsplusone

    Did your friend have her procedure with Dr.Doezie? How did it go? I just scheduled a tummy tuck with him. After meeting him I knew he was the one to go with. He also did my friends tummy tuck a few years ago after she had breast cancer. He took a muscle from her abdomen, and built her a new one in order to reconstruct at the same time. I’m really scared- but- after having 3 kids in less than 18 months, (hence twins plus one) I’m tired of feeling bad about myself. Praying for the best. I would def recommend anyone to at least consult with Dr.Doezie.

    • Kristen

      Yes, she had it almost 2 months ago – and it looks amazing. Did you have yours yet? He also did a surgery on my mom, and he came very highly recommended. I hope you have a successful surgery and a easy recovery!


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