Update on Stem Cell Possibility

One of my reader’s asked me for an update on my decision regarding stem cells for my arm.

My decision is –

There has been no decision.

For the last seven and a half years I’ve chased after *hope.*

I’ve wanted to believe in the possibility of an arm that works like it used to.

I’ve wanted to believe I could, once again, do everything I want to do without my attempts resulting in terrible pain.

That hope (or perhaps desperation) has resulted in several surgeries I probably shouldn’t have gone through.

For example, I was repeatedly told my arm and shoulder couldn’t possibly ever get better without a breast reduction.

I’ve had zowy-wowy large breasts since I was 11 years old.

I had breast reduction surgery because I was told I needed it in order for my injuries to heal.

But …?

It did absolutely nothing for my arm and shoulder.

I chased after hope and I got a needless surgery.

(OK, so my breasts might be a little perkier – and more sensitive – than they would be if I hadn’t had the reduction, but it isn’t something I would have ever done on my own.)

And then, of course, there were all those electrodes and all the metal bionics which took two surgeries just to be installed inside of me.

A year or two later, the devices were burning people from the inside out and were recalled.

Those bionics?

Well, they cost me a total of three surgeries and numerous scars.

Every surgery further traumatizes my arm.

My arm has been pissed off repeatedly by surgery, after surgery, and endless injections.

I’ve now gone thirteen months without arm and/or shoulder surgery.

My arm feels better than it has since the accident.

Does it work properly?


Do I still have ongoing pain?


But, my arm works BETTER and (most of the time) hurts LESS than it has since before the accident.

I’m not sure I want to stick needles in it, for any reason, and risk aggravating it all over again.

Could stem cells help me?


But, maybe not.

Is it worth $5,000 for maybe?

Is it worth $5,000 for nothing?

Is it worth $5,000 if it only results in inflaming my injured parts?

I haven’t ruled out stem cell therapy.

Instead, I’ve taken a wait and see approach.

My arm has been doing better with the help Paul Newman provides.

I’m okay with slow and gradual improvement … it’s still progress.

My next flare-up might be the thing that makes me decide to go ahead with stem cell therapy.


I might wait five years until the therapy is further perfected and the results are more predictable.


I might decide I’ve chased *hope* enough,

And that I’m done having my arm poked with needles and/or cut with scalpels.

Who knows?

Maybe somebody will eventually figure out a way to clone Paul Newman’s magic, healing, hands.

Honestly, I wouldn’t hesitate to spend $5,000 on a set of Magic Paul Newman Hands.

That sounds so WRONG, doesn’t it?

But truly, if I could have him work on me every day I’d probably be doing one-armed push-ups with my bum arm by now.

Ever so slowly, he’s coaxing my body to do what he wants.

(I know that sounds all sorts of inappropriate …..

But, really, I mean it in the best possible way.)

Stem cells?


I’ll just wait and see.


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