What Entertains You?

What do you like to do for fun?

What is your idea of entertainment?

Do you have an entertainment budget?

Do you prefer watching a movie on the comfort of your own couch?

Or dressing up for a night on the town?

Do you ever go to concerts?




Do you have regular “date-nights” with your significant other?

Does you entertainment budget go towards a hobby like biking, or baking, or horseback riding?

Are you a party animal?

Or do you prefer a quieter night for fun?

Are you a game player?


Board games?

Video games?

Sex games?

(Ha … kidding! ┬áJust checking to see if you’re awake.)

If you’re in a relationship do you carve out time with friends without your significant other present?

Let’s hear it folks …

How do YOU have fun?

2 Responses to “What Entertains You?”

  1. Tiziana

    Long walks, trekking. Wish I had more time for backpacking.
    Dinner with friends, especially hosting dinner at our house
    Movies at our house on our big screen projector
    Occasionally I like getting dressed up in girly clothes for dinner or drinks.
    I’m married. On occasions, I do go out with a group of girlfriends. While I enjoy the evenings out, I don’t like to go out often on my own, I miss my husband!
    Unfortunately on our tiny island, concerts from bands I like are rare, so not much concerts for me!

  2. Julie in Michigan

    My husband and I do a lot of laughing all the time, mostly at each other. We watch movies at home, we cook together all the time and go out for dinner and drinks maybe once a month, play board games or the Wii, hang out with siblings and their significant other and play cards-darts-yard games, have friends over occasionally for dinner and to watch some sporting event, and twice a month on Saturday’s my Mom and I get together and do lunch and shopping. In the summer we’re outside grilling and chilling, fishing, camping, golfing etc.


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