World Champion Skimboarder

A few years ago, I wrote a post about a skimboarder I met while shooting seascapes in Laguna.

The skimboarder’s name is Austin Keen.

Let’s be honest, Austin initially caught my attention because he wasn’t (at all!) shy about showing off on his skimboard when he saw me shooting.

The past few years have been busy.

I’ve thought of Austin now and again.

When I see people skimming at the beach, I’ve sometimes wondered what happened to him.

A few weeks ago, Austin got in touch with me.

I found out he’s been traveling all over the world (Japan, Australia, Philippines, Mexico, Chile, Brazil) on tour.

Not only that, Austin won the skimboarding title for World Champion in 2013.

I was so happy to hear his exciting news.

After a little correspondence back and forth, Austin and I reconnected last Friday for a photo shoot.

Austin Keen

Austin is a natural in front of the camera.

I was honored to be his photographer.

We spent a good chunk of time talking about his travels and goals.

I’m happy to report Austin is a smart, very likable, very interesting, man.

I really believe it’s important to get to know the people I shoot.

There’s a difference between a snapshot of someone vs. a portrait that captures the essence of who that person is.

I feel like the above photo really captures who Austin is.

I’ll be sharing other shots of Austin now and again –

Either here on 24, or on various forms of social media.

In addition, Austin and I already have a plan to complete Part II of his photo shoot soon.

(Action shots of him skimboarding.)

I have a feeling Austin’s got a lot of good things in his future.

Remember the name folks,

I think we’ll all be hearing a lot more about Austin Keen in the years to come.

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