Your Touch Is Magical

Yesterday afternoon I went for a short hike.

I wanted to get up high enough to have a nice view of the coastline.

I was wearing sneakers, yoga capri pants, a sports bra and a loose (very, very, thin) dry-fit Nike tank top over my sports bra.

In other words, I didn’t have much on.

I hadn’t taken time to shower or change after coming from a (brutal) gym workout.

Yep, I was pretty disgusting –

But, I was going for a HIKE, right?

I had every intention to be back home by late afternoon.


I met some people while I was hiking and shooting.

And then, I met a few more people.

By then, I realized all the conditions were right for a pretty spectacular sunset.

(If there’s one thing I’m really good at, it’s knowing what weather conditions make for a great light show.)

I got some amazing shots, so I’m glad I hung out and waited for sunset.

I was absolutely FREEZING by the time I was done shooting, though.

(I was on a bluff right above the ocean and the ocean breeze was COLD once the sun went down.)

When I got home I took a hot, hot, shower.

I put on a giant, oversized sweatshirt and had a cup of soup.

Then I wrapped a heating pad around my arm and edited this photo just for you …!

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  1. Mj

    Beautiful shot! Well worth the effort you endured. Thank you 😀


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