A Little Of This, A Little Of That …

I have a few trips for various events coming up.

As always, I’ll try to bring you along if I can.

Here’s a list of several unrelated thoughts and/or news items:

•  If I’m only in San Francisco for one night, how many friends can I possibly see?

•  If I shoot Napa for four days … will I ever come home?

•  Why is everyone I know moving/relocating all at the same time?

•  I’m going to sell some gently used Canon equipment, mainly lenses.  Let me know if you’re interested.

•  Thank goodness for insurance on cell phones.  (Ahem, son.)

•  I’d rather have experiences than things.  (Except for my camera.  I have to have a camera to photograph the experiences.)

•  I’m contemplating going on a twelve day photography workshop in New Zealand for 2015.

•  The hardest thing about traveling is always leaving my dog.  Seriously.  It breaks my heart.

•  I’m so behind on so many important things right now – I feel overwhelmed.   (Big breath!)

•  I would take up yoga, so I could become all mellow and zen-ish,  but I would need arms.

•  My arm hurts.  (Whine!)  I need Paul Newman.  (Double whine!)  Luckily, I’m spending a portion of today with him.  (Now he’s whining?!)

•  The new extra-strong pain meds sit in the cabinet unused.  I stare at them.  They stare back at me accusingly.  I (stubbornly) refuse to try them.

•  I just ordered a new bathroom scale via Amazon.  It will arrive next week.  I’m afraid to step on it.

•  Amazon Prime is SO worth the money, even though the annual rate is going up.  I buy everything I possibly can online.

•  I wish I lived in a house with a library and a wooden ladder to access the books on high shelves.

•  On Sunday I’m getting together with a group of girlfriends for champagne brunch.  It will be a great break from the many projects I’m buried in.

•  Whee!  I have a new lens arriving this morning.  (I’ll have to carve out at least a couple hours to test it out this weekend.)

6 Responses to “A Little Of This, A Little Of That …”

  1. Mary Jo

    If only buying one of your lenses would guarantee producing the same beautiful photos (sign). I would be interested in know what you are selling.

  2. Sandra

    Near my work is a yoga studio I went to for awhile, until I started taking the train to work/home.
    The evening class had a woman (in her 50’s) with one arm who was always in my class. She was amazing.
    She has amazing strength and balance with her one arm! She compensated using a yoga belt for certain things but she could do the downward dog and plank with one arm. When I got tired I would watch her for inspiration.

    • Suzanne

      I think if you’re born with one arm, or lose an arm early in life, it’s easier to learn function with the one arm you have. Although I have gained strength and function with my left arm, it still isn’t strong enough or coordinated enough to do everything I wish it could. Maybe eventually ….

  3. Nan

    I think New Zealand would be fabulous!!!! Imagine all the amazing experiences and photography chances you will have. I vote GO:)


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