Missing Airplanes And Travel

I’m totally freaked out, and possibly obsessed, by the missing Malaysian airplane.

How can a gigantic plane, with hundreds of people on it, veer so far off course without anyone noticing?

And, how can it then just disappear without a trace?

I’m not a lover of air travel.

I endure air travel.

Given a choice, I avoid window seats on planes and always choose an aisle seat.

I have a fear of heights and of falling …

Dropping out of the sky on a plane would be my worst-possible-most-terrifying nightmare.

If there was a spider on the plane it would *really* add to my horror.

I spent an hour working out at the gym yesterday.

The entire time, I quizzed Baby Face about possible scenarios to explain the missing Malaysian plane.

I think he took great joy in coming up with new scary explanations just so he could see the terror on my face.

At the same time, I’m in the process of packing for a flight to Northern California.

That’s okay, I guess, because I feel pretty confident my upcoming flight will make it to the Bay Area.

Flights go back and forth between Southern and Northern California forty bazillion times a day.

What are the statistical odds of my plane flying from Southern California to the Indian Ocean and then disappearing?

Probably not great ….

Of course, I’ve also been thinking recently about some pretty major photography travel destinations.

I haven’t made any definite plans, but I’ve been thinking about Morocco, Africa, New Zealand, Australia, and many other vaguely-possible future trips.

Being obsessed with faraway photo adventures, and being simultaneously obsessed with a disappearing plane, is causing all sorts of chaos inside my brain.

Is it just me?

Or has the story of the missing plane captivated your attention also?

14 Responses to “Missing Airplanes And Travel”

  1. julieanne

    Come to Australia, come to Australia! 🙂

    Oh and yes the story has captivated me & hubby too :-/ our 6pm news is on as we speak…

    • Suzanne

      Australia and New Zealand are at the very top of my list.
      I’d like to spend 3 weeks in each!
      : )

      • julieanne

        Awesome! Three weeks at least! I spent four weeks in your fine country last year & that was only enough to do west coast! (if you come to oz you want our east coast though)

  2. Erica

    The story has caught my attention. Any plane not under the control of the proper people will always figure as a potential weapon of mass destruction to me now, accidentally or on purpose. I try not to watch speculative newscasts.

    I love the idea of following your photo adventures, so please keep us posted.

  3. Jan's Sushai Bar

    OMG, Beloved is obsessed with the missing Malaysian plane, too, but I have to say the conspiracy theories are getting a little on the ridiculous side (Only Brother, I’m looking at YOU). All I can say is that if the pilot really was involved and has successfully made off with the plane and all its passengers, I hope he tells us how he managed it eventually. I’d like to completely disappear for awhile myself.

    • Suzanne

      Yes, a lot of the “theories” are ridiculous.
      I think those of us who travel by air frequently can’t stop puzzling about this.
      Of course, none of the possible scenarios are good ones.
      : (

  4. Judi

    I’m totally obsessed with it, too. It’s such a mystery! I’m really glad that I’m back safe and sound from my recent trip to Spain and Portugal, because if I had an upcoming flight over an ocean I would be completely freaked out.

    • Suzanne

      How was your trip?
      I’m never thrilled when flying over the ocean …

      • Judi

        The word I keep coming back to when people ask about my trip is “magical.” There is something really special about the light in Lisbon, and everywhere you turn the architecture, tiles and art are so beautiful. I think you’d really love taking pictures there!

  5. stacy g

    We have been talking about it a lot at our house and the kids have been discussing it in school. My daughter said the plane was probably taken hostage. But wait, if it were taken hostage don’t you think someone would have asked for money or something by now? Anyways, yes we are obsessed with it, as well.

    • Suzanne

      Yes, you’d think someone would claim responsibility if it were a hostage situation.

  6. Julie in Michigan

    Completely confusing to me and I want answers. NOW. Someone has to know something about this.

    • Suzanne

      I think there’s a lot the public isn’t being told.
      Whether or not we’ll ever be told is the question ….


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