Random Friday

I keep pretending I’m still in Napa, but it isn’t really working.

Here’s a photo of Regusci Winery:

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Isn’t it pretty?

It’s a small farm where they also happen to make (super yummy) wine.

In other news:

•  I’m working on my business taxes.  Working on taxes for Twenty Four At Heart, LLC is something I hate with every ounce of my being.  If you ever want to hear me swear like a sailor, come visit while I’m working on taxes.

•  Once again I’m vowing to keep better/more organized records of my business next year.

•  Baby Face worked me SO hard at the gym this week.  I guess he figured I needed it after my mini-vacation.  My legs are screaming at me.  If you don’t think legs can scream, I dare you to work-out with Baby Face.

•  I also went to the dentist this week.  Does life get much better than the dentist, taxes, and screaming legs?

•  Yes, it does.  I know this because today I’m with Paul Newman.  Paul Newman is one of my favorite people.  (He truly is a huge improvement over the dentist, taxes and screaming legs.)

•  After accidentally washing and/or ruining several FitBit Zips, I’ve decided to try out a Jawbone UP24.  I let you know what I think of it after I’ve worn it for awhile.  I’ve heard good things, but that doesn’t mean I won’t ruin it in the normal course of doing all the things I do.

•  I’m looking forward to the weekend.  Primarily, I’m looking forward to some outdoor time, some exercise, some shooting, and a little more post-Napa, pre-Texas, catch-up time.

•  Happy weekend!


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