Roll Down The Windows

Ten Things I LOVE:

•  Summer weather in winter.

•  Road trips.

•  My great grandmother’s antique blue plates.

•  Owls and pelicans.  (And puppies, of course!)

•  Having my own business doing something I have a passion for.

•  My “guy” friends.  I know a lot of women don’t approve and/or understand, but men make the very best friends.  I feel fortunate to have several male friends I adore.

•  Dancing to music while I do chores.

•  Intelligent people with a great sense of humor.

•  The beauty of nature – ocean, mountains, flowers, clouds … the list is endless.

•  This photo of SUCH a beautiful sunset.  (I took it a few weeks back.)

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•  Creepy men.  (I’m having a hard time getting “over” the finale of True Detective.)

•  Distracted drivers.  Yes, I’m biased (nine surgeries later), but c’mon folks!  

•  Having my own business.  (Yes, I love and dislike it – the work never stops if you’re a one-woman company!) 

•  Pain – and – people who assume “chronic pain” means you like (and/or are addicted to) pain meds.

•  Chores.

•  Air travel.  (I love going places, but I hate the hassle of airports/security/blah, blah, blah.)

•  Shopping.  I’d be better dressed if I didn’t hate shopping so much.

•  Peas, lima beans, and brussel sprouts.  (OK, so that was more than one item, but ….)

•  Half-Ass Syndrome.  If you’re going to DO something, do it WELL or don’t do it at all.

•  Not talking to my youngest son on his birthday.  He’s on his college spring break vacation.  *Somehow* his phone ended up in the ocean.  It’s also the first-ever birthday I haven’t hugged and kissed him.  Boo Hiss!


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