So Much of Everything ….

January and February were somewhat slow months in comparison to the normal chaos of my life.

It was nice to have a little lull after such a whirlwind 2013.

Full speed craziness has returned, of course.

My brain seems to be having a hard time focusing when there’s so much to do right now.

Here’s a peak inside my brain:

•  I’ve been spending a LOT of my time working for a corporate client over the last several weeks.

•  What am I doing for them?  I’m furnishing photos for office buildings they own.

•  It’s more involved than what I do for a “normal” client.  I’m actually going to the client’s office building locations, meeting with managers, taking measurements, working with budgets, acting as an interior decorator, etc.  Once a budget is approved I determine the best way to maximize the budget for each particular building.  Then I determine which photos I’ll be using, what size they should be, what medium they should be printed on, etc.  After that, I format the photos to look their very best based on all the previous decisions.

•  It’s a lot of work, but also fun.  When I walk into a building with bare walls I can barely contain myself.  I must get art on the walls.

•  In addition, I’ve got several other client projects at various stages right now.

•  Remember World Champion Skimboarder, Austin Keen?

•  Austin and I are working on an ongoing photo series.  It’s a lot of fun to document a portion of his life and achievements.  He’s getting ready to return to Brazil for a few weeks.  (I wish I could go along as his photographer, but maybe next time.)  I’ll update you now and again on Austin and his adventures.  He’s a great client, a fun “model,” and has a very adventurous life.

•  I’ve been approached by a client for some photography work which might involve traveling to a far away continent.  And that’s all I’m able to say at this time.  It’s still in the “possibility” phase.  I’ll let you know more if it turns into a definite project.

•  A lot of times I can’t write about what I’m working on or who I’m working with.  My business is keeping my busy, though.

•  I’ll be staying at the Hilton in Beverly Hills beginning this Friday and through the weekend.

•  I was very excited about my L.A. project until I was reminded The Beverly Hilton is the same hotel where Whitney Houston died.  I hope I can get past that.  (I have a feeling I’ll be freaking out when I see the bathtub in my room.)  I’ll try to focus on all the red carpet events that have been held there instead.  Of course, I’ll try to sneak in a few “for fun” photos to share with you while I’m there.

•  I’ll also be in San Francisco and Napa later this month.  Of course, I always love to visit San Francisco and visit my friends there.  I haven’t been to Napa in a long time.  I have a feeling I’ll want to stay and photograph the beautiful rolling hills and vineyards for weeks.  (Unfortunately, I’ll only be there for a few days.)

•  I’ll be in the Dallas area of Texas at the beginning of April.

•  Speaking of travel, I’ve been researching various types of van-ish vehicles.  I wrote recently of my desire to be a vagabond photographer … road trips and shooting go together so well!  I’ve had several family members tell me it isn’t safe for a woman to travel the country by herself.  What do YOU think?

4 Responses to “So Much of Everything ….”

  1. Sandra

    I think you take precautions but you shouldn’t let your gender prevent you from enjoying life.

    Growing up my next door neighbor was a widower who purchased a van that had the pop-up roof with sink, bed etc. She was a retired school teacher. She traveled around the country many times. She stayed in state/federal parks, private campgrounds, visited with friends and family. To my knowledge she never had a problem.

    We camp a lot in an RV. We camp in private and public campgrounds. Campers are generally the nicest people! They’re so relaxed and happy. There are rangers in the state/federal campgrounds with a camp host onsite. If you stay in the private campgrounds they always have someone on staff on site. KOA’s have a lot of amentities, but more pricey than state or federal campgrounds. They have pizza delivery too! We’ve never had a problem other than someone taking our cooler from outside the RV (At a KOA in Santa Cruz) and drinking some of the alcohol in it, leaving the cooler nearby. Someone else (campers at the same place) had their bikes stolen. That’s rare but you do have to be aware. We think they were kids that crossed the road into the campgrounds, not anyone staying at the KOA.

  2. Suzanne

    Wow – hats off to your ex neighbor.
    My grandmother traveled the world as a widow also.
    I really admired her for it, but she did planes and hotels …

    Your comment makes me feel better about wanting to do this.

  3. julieanne

    If the far-away continent is Australia pls b sure to look me up! Would *love* to show you around!

  4. Erica

    There is nothing you can do (except stay home and lock doors and windows at night and on rainy days) that everyone will tell you is safe. Ignore them.


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