Spring Shopping

I hate shopping, so it’s always noteworthy when I make even minimal effort.

(And, trust me, I never make more than minimal effort.)

I usually only go shopping if there’s an event I need clothes for.

Yesterday was no different.

I have places to go, and events I need to be at, over the next three weeks.

So, what did I do in preparation?

I bought a new pair of yoga pants.

Yep, I really did.

(And, I might even wear them while flying to and from various locations?)

I also bought a (cheap) small, travel, cosmetic bag to replace my grubby, old, one.

And now I’m ready for fine dining in Napa?


Oh wait, I also got some mascara and a new pair of earrings.

I’m all set!

(Who wants to clean and pack my camera gear for me?)

3 Responses to “Spring Shopping”

  1. Jan's Sushai Bar

    I hate shopping, too, but as I dragged into the office this morning, I began whining, “I’m so SICK of heavy winter clothes!”

    And it occurred to me that I need to go buy some new tees and tanks for spring and summer. Which will be here. Eventually.

    I hope.

    • Suzanne

      We never had winter this year.
      I need new tanks and tees too.
      I seem to destroy the cheap clothes I do buy ….

  2. Erika

    I don’t like shopping just for the sake for shopping either and I just love yoga pants because they are soo comfy.


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