You Can’t Take Me Anywhere

I overbooked this week.

Well, I booked my week *just fine* but then I found out about two unexpected deliveries I needed to be home for.

And then, a few other time-warping wrinkles came up.

My tightly booked schedule became overbooked just like *that.*

As a result, I raced out of the gym yesterday as soon as I was done working out with Baby Face.

(Instead of staying and doing a cardio workout like I usually do.)

I know it sounds ridiculous and girly, but I was racing to a pedicure appointment.

And before you make fun of me, I’d like to point out you probably can’t “do” your toes with your dominant arm tied behind your back.

My toenails had recently reached an astonishing resemblance to long dinosaur claws.

(Did dinosaurs have claws?)

Anyway, I was rushing, and I was late, and I arrived at the nail salon in a whirlwind.

I was still in my gym clothes, but I kicked my sneakers off in the car and put flip flops on.

I was thirsty from working out so I brought in a big GIANT cup (with a lid on it) of ice water.

A few minutes later I was seated in a chair, my feet were in sudsy water, and …..

I reached for my phone, knocked over my cup, the lid went flying off, spilling ice and water all over the place.


The rest of my day?

Well, it only got better and better.


I finally got home sometime after 7 p.m.

On a positive note, I did run into a friend I hadn’t seen in ages in the late afternoon.

It was great to see her.

I’m sure she loved seeing me in my smelly-post-gym-wonderfulness also.

On another positive note, Paul Newman forgave me when I sent off a hurried text message to him that came off sounding rude.

Rude was not my intention, of course.

I was just rushing …. and when you rush a text message it sometimes reads very different from how you intended it.

When I got his reply, which said something like REALLY ????? I knew it was time to take a deep breath and SLOW DOWN.

It seems like The Universe has been interfering with my tightly booked schedule all week.

I guess I just need to accept everything I want to accomplish before my trip to L.A. is not going to happen.

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That’s okay, right?

The most important things (like packing for the trip) always manage to get done and the rest will just have to wait.

2 Responses to “You Can’t Take Me Anywhere”

  1. Julie in Michigan

    Did you get any cute art work on your toes this time? I so need a pedicure. Maybe for my birthday next week!!

    • Suzanne

      I did!
      I’ll try to take and post a photo in the next few days!


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