Fabulous Friday!

I’m SO glad it’s Friday.

It has been a chore-filled week and I’m ready to have some fun.

Mocha woke me up to share sunrise with her yesterday.

It was beautiful.

Sunrise With Mocha (From My Bedroom)

I don’t have any huge plans for the weekend.

I have exactly one definite plan for the entire weekend.

I’m having dinner with some friends one night.

I’m also going to attempt to finalize a summer vacation trip for August.

I hope to get a little shooting in, too, if my arm is feeling up to it.

(I’m seeing Paul Newman this morning.  I don’t think I’ve ever “needed” to see him quite so much.)

Depending on weather, I might head up to L.A. to spend some time at The Huntington,

And/or –

Head south to The Flower Fields in Carlsbad.

It’s a very “iffy” type weekend.

I love weekends with flexibility.

Anything is possible!


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