Monday Mish Mash

I’m tired … so tired.

I guess this is how the next few weeks will go.

On Saturday, I felt great and had a burst of energy.

I was also famished …starving!

On Sunday, I cooked one (easy) dish and felt exhausted the rest of the day.

I know some of you are concerned I’ve been doing too much, too fast.

I want to assure you I’m not doing any more than what has been okayed by my doc.

I was allowed to drive at ten days.

I can go on walks without any fear of doing myself harm.

Abdominal surgery has moved forward by leaps and bounds in recent years.

My surgeon used something called a “quilt” stitch (also known as a progressive tension suture) to sew me up.

It takes an experienced surgeon to do it.

It takes longer, also … which means a little more time in the operating room.

But, there are several benefits when it’s done by a skilled doctor.

I won’t bore you with the details, but the technique is most likely a factor in how well, and easily, my recovery has been going.

My doc is not concerned about me pulling out incisions and/or hurting the work he did.

That just goes to prove he doesn’t know me very well.

I do need to listen to my body as it heals …

If I’m tired, I need to rest – as I did yesterday.

If it hurts, I need to stop.

My energy and stamina will ebb and flow as I heal.

I will “go with it,” whatever “it” happens to be each day.

Obviously, I’d love to have lots of energy every day.  I know that won’t be the case.

Today is Day #12.

I feel sore, but not in pain.

(Quite honestly, my bum arm hurts WAY worse than my belly.)

When I wake up I have a backache because I’m still sleeping in one (and only one) position.

Hopefully, I’ll be able to move around more in my sleep soon –

It will take some of the pressure off my back.

Getting in and out of the car takes a little time, but driving doesn’t bother me at all.

Bending over to pick something off the floor is possible, but not easy.

I can get into bed easily … I use a little stool so I don’t have to lift my legs (with my abs) very much.

Getting out of bed?

Well, I’m pretty sure I look like a beached whale.

It’s a difficult movement for me still.

Yesterday, since I had absolutely no energy, I rested.

I opened a notebook and began writing lists of possible future adventures.

I listed locations I’d like to photograph.

Next, I began making lists regarding timing.

If I want to see a city when it has fall foliage, I need to plan accordingly.

As I get travel/photography ideas I’ll keep adding them to my “travel book” as I call it.

I suppose it’s a wish list, really.

Now, if I could only find a sponsor so I could photograph every single thing!

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  1. Erica

    I am as lazy as a cat and I have never had major surgery without ripping stitches or popping staples. You must have picked up a few things from your previous experiences to handle this so well. Nice.


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