Summer On The Brain

It feels like summer here.

Of course, weather-wise it has felt like summer here for months.

But …?

Something’s changed.

I *FEEL* like summer.

Maybe it’s because Mocha chased after her first snake of the summer yesterday?

Or maybe it’s because,

Yesterday afternoon, I sat out on my patio wearing a wife beater and a pair of men’s boxers –

While I read In Style magazine.

Don’t laugh – it’s true!

I’m a strong candidate for worst dressed person of the year, but I LOVE reading In Style.

(It’s just one of the many things about me that makes no sense whatsoever.)

I don’t plan on buying any summer clothes and/or accessories this year.

It seems like I end up in my Rainbows, tank tops, and yoga pants pretty much all the time, regardless.

(I save the boxers for when I’m home alone.)

How about you?

Will you be updating your summer wardrobe?

My youngest will be home for this summer in less than three weeks.

It’s crazy how fast time is passing by.

2 Responses to “Summer On The Brain”

  1. Jan's Sushai Bar

    Dear, they’re tank tops when WE wear them. And I do – nearly every damn day; they’re an essential part of my wardrobe.

    Yes, I’ll be updating my wardrobe for the summer, if for no other reason than since I wear my tank tops every damn day, they’re showing a bit of wear and tear and I need new ones.

  2. Julie in Michigan

    I got a few pair of capri pants and tops and a pair of wedge sandals. Need shorts too but not in a hurry to go try some on.


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