Things I’ve Learned Lately

Things I’ve learned lately:

•  I hate the Internet on April Fool’s Day.  Seriously, folks ….

•  If my arm feels exceptionally good one day, I shouldn’t try a lot of new things “just to see what happens.”  One new thing?  Maybe.  Arm twirls to see if my arm will fall off/pop out?  Not such a good idea.

•  Really Suzanne, you should know better by now. 

•  Sigh!  Paul Newman, why do I get these great ideas on weeks when I’m not going to see you?

•  Getting a text from my son saying he’s “so excited” for me to come visit melted my cold heart into a puddle of warm mom-mush.

•  Packing for trips is something I hate.  Why is packing so horrible?

•  Texas weather confuses me.  What do you mean between 89F and 69F with fog/thunder/rain/clear skies?

•  I got curious and watched a tummy tuck surgery on YouTube.  I was alternately horrified/mesmerized/flabbergasted/horrified/amazed.  Wow!  I wanted to stop watching it, but I just couldn’t.  Kudos to doctors everywhere.  I am absolutely not cut out to work in the medical field in any capacity whatsoever.

•  The Jawbone Up24 doesn’t work for me.  I’ve heard it’s great for some people.  I’m assuming it’s because of my bum arm/not normal arm motions … but for whatever reason, it isn’t recording for me.

•  It did tell me I’m not getting enough sleep.  (Of course, I already knew that.)

•  I will forever miss being able to garden in the spring. ( I’m just not coordinated enough to do it with my left arm/hand.)

•  It really bothers me that no one knows where Malaysia Flight 370 is.  (Or if they do, they’re not making it public.)  Are we supposed to just forget about it?  I feel so sorry for the families involved.  Sad!

•  We’re having mountain lion problems here lately.  The problem is, people have invaded the territory of mountain lions.  Sadly, it’s the mountain lions who are getting punished/killed as a result.

•  It’s baseball season!

•  I love puppies.

•  I got really excited yesterday when I found the perfect travel-sized hair product.  It’s the little things in life ….

4 Responses to “Things I’ve Learned Lately”

  1. Amy

    If you’re coming to Texas in the next couple weeks you are in for a treat…the annual blooming of the Bluebonnets has begun, and they are gorgeous this year!

    • Suzanne

      Yay! I can’t wait!
      I hope I get a chance to actually SEE them since I’ll mainly be on campus with my son.

  2. Jan's Sushai Bar

    Things I’ve learned: don’t watch tummy tuck surgery videos while attempting to eat lunch.

    Nope. Don’t do it.

    • Suzanne

      No ….
      I really wouldn’t recommend that.
      I watched at night, but even then I think I closed my eyes during lots of it!
      : )


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