Thunder and Lightning and Rain!

Traveling is always an adventure.

I was up at six a.m. yesterday – early for me.

On my flight to Dallas, two kids seated near me vomited.

The short, two hour, flight suddenly seemed incredibly long.

There was also an “incident” with an

elderly man.

In other words, it was the longest two hour flight ever.

I arrived to 90 degree, very humid, weather.

I was, however, delighted when the heat turned into an amazing lightning show in the evening.

I gasped out loud at every clap of thunder … I’m not used to it.

My son laughed at me –

He’s already become accustomed to Texas weather.

I didn’t bring my computer with me so I’m going to keep this brief.

Typing on an iPad is slow for me.

I just wanted to check in while I had the chance.

I hope you have a nice weekend.

If I can, I’ll put a photo up sometime this weekend.

2 Responses to “Thunder and Lightning and Rain!”

  1. Judi

    I miss warm rain and thunderstorms! That was the upside of weather growing up in the Midwest. Lucky for you it’s warming up here this weekend, so you’ll get to enjoy some heat without humidity on your return.


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