Time For Texas

I’m on my way to Texas.

Or, possibly, I’m already IN Texas – depending on what time you’re reading this.

(It really isn’t a very long flight.)

Almost every minute of the next four days is booked with mother/son activities.

The activities have all been planned in honor of “Mom’s Weekend” at my son’s college.

I wish I had been able to add a few extra days to this trip so I could explore with my camera, but I just wasn’t able to do it this time.

(I don’t dare complain about being busy with photography clients, but ….)

From what I’ve heard so far, I’ll be dining in a nice restaurant at one point this weekend, along with partying with frat boys at other times.

It should be fun.

I can’t wait to spend some time with my son.

I haven’t seen him since the beginning of January.

I think I’ll have some time to update the blog each morning.

(College boys tend to sleep in until noon.)

But, if you don’t see posts and/or photos here, you’ll know it’s just because I’m busy doing Texas things.

You can also always track me down via Facebook, G+, Twitter or Instagram.

I usually manage to “appear” somewhere on social media, regardless.

And now …?

It’s time for Texas …..!

2 Responses to “Time For Texas”

  1. Jan's Sushai Bar

    College boys tend to sleep in until noon.

    Yeah, they do. Even when you text them things like “You should probably call your mother when campus goes into lockdown so she’ll know you’re NOT DEAD.” (Long story.)

    I was wondering why you were there already – I didn’t think the semester was over quite yet (The Young One won’t come home till mid-May). It sounds like fun!

    You’ll post about this fancy restaurant, yes?

    • Suzanne

      I heard about the Kent State incident.
      Yes, I’ll post about my Texas visit …. including the restaurant.


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