Tummy Tuck: Two Weeks Post Op

I can’t believe today marks the two week point since I had a tummy tuck.

I really do feel great.

I’m definitely sore, but it isn’t a big deal.

(However, it would be a big deal if I were on assignment and needed to climb, jump, crawl, bend, lift camera gear, etc.)

I’m not taking any pain killers (not even Tylenol or Advil).

In fact, I haven’t taken any pain killers since Day #3.

Apparently, right after surgery, I asked my doctor how soon I could have wine.

Hilarious – !

To his credit, my doc didn’t laugh in my drugged up face.  He informed me I would have to wait one week to have wine.

During this second week post op I’ve done the following:

•  I returned to taking “stand up” showers vs. sit on a shower stool showers.

•  I’ve stopped sleeping in a recliner and moved back to my bed.

•  I’ve returned to driving, as needed.

•  I’ve gone to the grocery store – twice.

•  I’ve really listened to my body.  There are times when I’m famished.  I’ve been told it’s because my body needs extra calories and nutrients to heal.  My doctor recommended certain foods for me to eat to help with healing.  There are other times when I have little to no appetite.  Likewise, there are days when I feel energetic – those are my get-things-done days.  There are other days when being a couch potato sounds like the perfect life goal.

•  I’ve gone for several outdoor walks.  I’ve limited myself to a distance of two miles on flat ground.  In the next week I’ll increase my speed a little and begin walking three miles.

•  I’ve gone to the mall – twice.  The first time was just to purchase two items.  The second trip was to return one of those two items.

•  I’ve made hummingbird food and hung the feeders.  (A week ago, I wouldn’t have been able to do so.)

•  And, oh yes, I’ve even had a glass of wine.

My two week, post op, check-up isn’t until Friday because my doctor is out of town.

I’m still wearing a medical compression garment under my clothes.

(Think Spanx, but tighter.)

I’m not sure how long I have to wear it and/or some type of shapewear garment.

I believe my doctor told me at my first post-op visit, but those first few drugged up days remain blurry.

I’ll ask him when I see him on Friday.

I really don’t mind wearing it except when I’m out walking in the heat.

It is (very) hot to wear in warm weather.

As far as my actual belly …

I’m as happy as I could be two weeks in.

All the (gross) excess skin is gone.

My incision is still healing, but it’s a thin, even, incision.

When I wake up my tummy is swollen, but flat.

As the day progresses, it gets rounder and more swollen – which is completely normal.

In another few weeks the swelling will gradually begin decreasing.

Now that I’m about to begin my third week post op,

I can ease myself back into reality.

(And yes, it’s a slow, gradual, transition – I will be pacing myself.)

Today I return to PT for my bum arm.

It’s killing me …

(I’ve probably been using it more to pull and push myself up since I can’t use my abs much still.)

I will be so glad to see Paul Newman.

3 Responses to “Tummy Tuck: Two Weeks Post Op”

  1. Kristen

    Wow, two weeks already! Glad you are healing well.

    • Suzanne

      Thank you!
      I feel great …
      I also feel very grateful it’s been so much smoother/easier than I expected!

  2. Denice

    Glad everything turned out well for you. You have a lot of courage. I also had an abdominoplasty last year. I used to have a very flat tummy but its just a big baggy sack of skin now and I want to make it a bit better. I don’t have private health insurance so I decided to have my surgery in Thailand with a help of a trusted medical tourism company located in Colorado ( http://www.placidway.com/package-search-country/Thailand,Abdominoplasty,Cosmetic/Plastic_Surgery/search.html ). My doctor at home was very supportive and said they would look after me when I returned should I need it. My surgery went well, I returned to work ten days after the op with no problems at all, the scars are healing brilliantly.


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