Weekend Clouds

On Friday night, we got a little rain!

It was very exciting.

On Saturday, we had leftover clouds.

I love clouds.

I drove to RSM Lake … because there’s a one mile, very flat, walkway around the lake.

I walked two, snail-paced, miles.

I took my camera.

I was so excited, and happy, to be able to walk so far on Day #10.

(And don’t worry, my doc said I won’t hurt myself walking on flat surfaces … he’s okay with it!)

It was also great to have my camera with me even if I only took a few shots.

It’s the little things ….

2 Responses to “Weekend Clouds”

  1. Stacy G

    You are allowed to drive already? That’s fast. When I had a major abdominal surgery I was not allowed to drive for 6 weeks. I should have taken it slower. I went back to work part time and did more than I should have and part of my stitches came apart and my scar is uglier as the result. Take it slow and easy!!

    • Suzanne

      I haven’t driven far yet …
      And yes, I’m being very calm – for me.


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