Love Is Like A Heatwave

What could be better than August weather in May?

Many things?

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I waited until the end of the day to go for a short hike with my son.

My car temperature gauge read 92F as we began in the early evening.

There was a nice breeze up on the ocean bluffs which helped with the heat.

South Orange County 2 © SHaggerty 2014 W-1

It was my first mini-hike in weeks.

It felt great to be out and about even if it was very easy by hiking standards.

I wish we were having more typical May weather.  (Gray May/June Gloom)

It would make it a lot easier to ease back into an outdoor exercise routine.

Still, it was nice to be outdoors watching the roadrunners and quail –

And hearing the ocean waves crash on the shore down below.


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