Planning The Summer

My son arrives home from his first year of college on Saturday.

He’ll be here for three months.

Hopefully, he’ll land a summer job fairly quickly.

Since I don’t know what his work schedule will be like, I’m having a hard time trying to plan our summer.

It sure gets complicated trying to coordinate a multitude of schedules as your kids grow up.

I really want to get all my kids together at the same time at least once this summer.

(One lives in L.A., one lives in North Carolina, and my youngest is home from college in Texas …. complicated!)

Distance is, of course, a tough logistic.

In addition, as they’ve become adults we now include their significant others in our plans.

(Which means even more work/school schedules to coordinate.)

Cost is a factor because ….

Hello – Family vacations are expensive!

After crossing many possibilites off my list (for one reason or another),

I finally booked a house rental in Santa Barbara for one week later this summer.

It’s much more cost efficient to rent a house vs. booking a ton of hotel rooms.

We won’t all be at the house the entire week, but family members can come and go based on their schedules.

Santa Barbara is close enough for my L.A. daughter to drive back and forth from as her work schedule demands.

Because the house is here in Southern California, we don’t need to worry about the cost of flights for anyone but my son in North Carolina.


Santa Barbara has a huge variety of things to do – wineries, shopping, beautiful beaches, a lake in the hills, lots of hiking, great bars and restaurants, natural hot springs, theaters, craft fairs, and on and on.

I’m sure it will be a great getaway.

In addition, I know there will be local “day trips” planned throughout the summer while my son is home.

I know many of you still have your kids at home, or they live relatively nearby.

I’d love to hear tips from any of you who don’t mind sharing.

Do you manage to get *everyone* together at one time?

How do you pull it off?

How do you keep everyone happy/busy/amused when you’re together?

I’m entering a new phase of family vacations.

I’d love tips, advice, and suggestions!


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