I had several “great” post ideas for this week.

Hearing about Aaron’s death, however, has wiped them all out of my brain.

I hope you don’t mind randomness as I try to regain my equilibrium.

•  In an effort to come to terms with several recent pieces of bad news, I took my camera out on a bluff Tuesday night.  I knew it was going to be a nice sunset and I needed a little solitude.

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•  I needed to feel the cool sea breeze on my skin.  I needed a sense of exertion as I climbed up hills.  I needed to watch the sunset change colors between the clouds.

•  Last weekend, I played with several german shepherds at a “german shepherd adoption” event at a local mall.  I resisted the urge to bring every single dog home with me.  It was, however, nice to have some dog time.  And yes, I do find myself still thinking about all those nice dogs who need a home.

•  My son got a summer job.  He hasn’t started yet, but YAY!

•  We had lunch at Tender Greens at the Irvine Spectrum yesterday.  I love that place.

•  I had my eyes tested recently and my eyesight has changed.  Yesterday I bought some new Maui Jim sunglasses and I’m having prescription lenses ordered for them.  Is it weird to be excited about sunglasses?  They won’t even arrive for a couple weeks.  I’ve been wearing my current pair (also Maui Jim’s) for a few years.  I’m surprised they survived me for so long.

•  I’m going to be back in Napa for a few days in October.  Do you have any suggestions on where to stay?

•  I like having my son back home.  It does involve more grocery shopping and cooking, but that’s okay.  I like having his friends in and out of the house too.  Currently, he’s binge-watching the final season of Breaking Bad.  Apparently, he didn’t have time to watch TV while he was  partying  studying at college.

•  I’ve been working a lot this week.  No, I’m not hauling heavy gear around yet.  I’ve been working on the boring business stuff I have to do.

•  I remember when I used to just take photos for fun ….


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