The Scent of Jasmine, The Sound of Cicadas

Summer arrived early in Southern California.

Although our most recent heatwave is apparently over, summer has just begun.

Every summer I feel intoxicated by the scent of jasmine.

Nothing says “summer” more to me than the scent of jasmine blooming.

I’ve been known to bury my head in the flowers near my patio and inhale the same way I might have done with other plant substances in college.

Jasmine © SHaggerty 2014 W-1

Yesterday  morning, I sat outdoors with a cup of coffee, breathing in the scent of summer, and listening to cicadas loudly sing.

Dozens of hummingbirds flew around me also.

A pair of hooded orioles periodically stopped to drink from the hummingbird feeders.

(Someone needs to explain to them they’re too big and the feeders are not designed for them!)

My backyard is an unofficial bird sanctuary … possibly because I live so close to one of the audobon’s “real” bird sanctuaries.

Almost exactly a year ago I watched my oldest son graduate from Wake Forest in North Carolina.

Last Friday, I watched my daughter’s long-term boyfriend graduate from UCLA Law.

After the ceremony, a group of us celebrated with a fancy-schmancy dinner at Boa Steakhouse.

(Did I mention it was a very long day?  I left my house at 9 a.m. and got home around midnight.)

Graduation ceremonies are just one more sign summer is upon us.

The calendar still says “May,” but there’s no doubt summer is here.


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