Tummy Tuck: One Month Post Op

This week I’ll have my one month check-up with my fabulous doc.

At one month post tummy tuck surgery, I’m pretty much back to doing all of my normal activities.

There are a few exceptions –

I’m not lifting any heavy objects.

In my case, that means I’m not carrying my four zillion pound photography gear bag(s).


I’m not working out at the gym yet.

I am going for long (several mile) walks on relatively flat surfaces.

I feel great.

My belly is fairly flat except for swelling in the lower portion of my tummy.

The swelling increases as the day goes on and/or with an increase in my activity level.

Swelling is normal for several months and it doesn’t bother me.

(It will, however, be nice in a few months when I can see my “final result.”)

I do notice I get tired more easily than “normal.”

And when I’m tired?  I’m REALLY tired … there’s no keeping me awake.

But, getting tired easily four weeks after major surgery is normal.

My body is still healing.

I also find myself out of breath quickly and with minimal exertion.

Again, I was told to expect exactly that.

Supposedly, it will take a few months to regain my stamina.

I think cardio workouts will be very challenging once I’m allowed to return to them.

I’m not in any pain – none.

It doesn’t even hurt when I sneeze and/or cough.

I had heard it would hurt for months, but it doesn’t.

My incision looks great.

It’s thin and even.

It’s currently dark in color, but in time it will turn into a thin white/light line like all my scars do.

The scar is low enough to be hidden if I wear a thong and/or bikini.

By the way?

I don’t wear bikinis and haven’t since I was about twenty.

I”m still wearing a compression garment.

My doctor would be fine if I just wore Spanx at this point, but I prefer the garments made by Design Veronique.

(Easier to use the bathroom.  Easier to get on and off over my incision because of side zippers.  Smoother lines under clothes.)

Any type of compression garment and/or shapewear gets hot in warm weather.

In most conditions, it’s fine.

During a heatwave, however?

I just want to run around naked and I hate wearing it.

(The primary reason to wear a compression garment at this point is to help control the amount of swelling I experience.)

One very unexpected “bonus??” from the surgery –

My boobs look HUGE.

I’ve been asked by several people if I had a “boob job.”

No, I did not.

In fact, I had breast reduction surgery several years back.

(And I guess it’s a good thing I did?!)

Having my upper abs flat makes my breasts appear larger.


Whatever the reason, it’s undeniable (and apparently not uncommon) everyone is noticing my boobs not my stomach.

All in all, I can honestly say I have no regrets regarding the surgery.

Sure, it will be great when I reach the six month point and compression garments (and tummy swelling) are things of the past.

But, at the same time, my entire experience has been so much easier than I expected.



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  1. Missy Stalcup

    Sounds as though you are doing so much better than expected!

    • Suzanne

      It’s so awesome to have a surgery go well for a change!


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