Fantastic Friday

This has been a very strange week.

•  I put in a lot of hours at work, but they were frustrating hours because they weren’t as productive as I had hoped.

The work week is over, right?

•  I also got a very strange email.  A man informed me he had used some of my photos in a travel magazine he works for.

He was hoping I would give the article and magazine publicity by linking to them online.


My images are copyright protected.

By using them in a magazine he has broken the law.

It was so nice of him to email me and tell me he has stolen my images?

Legally, it’s an open and shut case.

•  I’m getting very restless to start working out at the gym again.

My doc hasn’t cleared me to go back yet.

(I can’t believe I actually miss being tortured by Baby Face, but I do!)

And yes, I’m going for long walks but I want to do more.

•  I think I’m going to try one-arm swimming this weekend.  I’ve done it in past years, but ended up in a lot of pain.  I’m willing to give it another try.  I’m not sure what Paul Newman will think about my great idea???

•  Speaking of pain, I had a mammogram this week.  Every time I have one, my arm/shoulder/neck/upper right quadrant flares up terribly.  I’m seeing Paul Newman this morning.  I wish I could rent him out for the entire weekend.  (I know that sounds inappropriate, but I mean it in a totally professional way.)

•  My new Maui Jim sunglasses (with prescription lenses) arrived.  I’m so excited to be able to really see when I’m outdoors.

•  I think it’s going to be a hiking weekend.  I hope it doesn’t get too hot.  Regardless, I’ll at least *look* cool with new shades on, right?

2 Responses to “Fantastic Friday”

  1. Judi

    I’ve never had prescription sunglasses, but I think I will be getting some soon. My contact lenses just aren’t working for me anymore, and I only need help seeing far. I can get by at work most of the day without putting my glasses on at all, but I really need something for when I’m driving, walking or playing tennis, etc.

    Can you get pretty much any sunglasses you want made with prescription lenses? Does the optometrist order them, or how does that work?

    • Suzanne

      Most frames will work with prescription lenses – you can ask when you purchase them.
      Many optometrists offer sunglasses in their offices including brands like Ray Ban and Maui Jim.
      This time I picked out frames somewhere else and then took them to my eye doc to be fitted with the lenses. They sent them to Maui Jim to be fitted with “authentic” maui jim lenses so the tint would be the exact same as if they were “normal” sunglasses. They look identical to non prescription lenses.


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