Monday, Monday

I hope you had a nice summer solstice weekend.

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I made a concerted effort *not* to pick up my camera (much) last weekend.

(My bum arm has been in a very angry state of mind.  In fact, I think it might have popped off of my body again.)

Instead, I got a lot of one-armed chores and errands done.

I went out to dinner with some long-time, treasured, friends.

We followed-up dinner with an Angels baseball game … the Angels won.

The game was followed by a fireworks show.

The Angels put on a firework show after the game every Saturday night.

Because I’m old (???), I was tired by the time I got home at 11:15 Saturday night.

I’ve also been busy planning a return trip to Napa for October.

I thought I was planning way in advance.

But, it turns out Napa Valley is already almost completely booked for the months of September and October.

I really had to work in order to find a hotel room and get some dinner restaurant reservations.

(And sadly, I couldn’t even get into a few places I really wanted to.)

I guess I’ll know for the future –

Book Napa harvest season a year ahead?!

I’m super excited to have also booked a sunrise hot air balloon trip for my Napa trip.

I know it’s still months away, but I’m really excited about it anyway.

Isn’t it funny how planning a mini-vacation can lighten up your entire outlook?

It’s something to look forward to –

And who doesn’t need that?

2 Responses to “Monday, Monday”

  1. Mj

    I wish I could take the time off and go to Yellowstone with my sister! Your photos are always gorgeous! I can’t to see ones taken from up high in a hot air balloon.

    • Suzanne

      Thank you! I haven’t been to Yellowstone since I was a little kid.
      Now that you’ve mentioned it, I find myself wanting to go too!


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