True Stories

•  I know summer “officially” begins this weekend, but I’m pretty sure (here in Orange County) it’s been summer for the last twelve months.

•  I’ve met the nicest people while photographing WrightWay Fitness this week.  Nice “normal” people instead of the usual OC gym barbies.  Very refreshing!

•  Yesterday, Paul Newman popped my arm back on my body.  (It pops off from time to time.)  It really hurts a lot when it isn’t attached to my body like it’s supposed to be.  While he was reattaching my arm, my orthopedic surgeon surprised  me  us  by stopping into  physical therapy to  spy on me   watch/visit/chat.  It was a medical menage a trois?

•  I recently became obsessed with the BBC series Luther.  I watched the entire series (via Netflix) in one week’s time … while editing photos at night.  I might have screamed at one point.  (Very scary bad guys!)

•  I was in the L.A. area on Wednesday afternoon.  A corporation hired me to “do” the walls of their new office building.  Wednesday’s visit was a pleasure.  The office manager had requested I sign all of the prints they purchased.  I hadn’t seen the (very large) prints since they were hung.  It was very rewarding to walk into an office building and see my art decorating each and every wall.  It isn’t the first “complete” office I’ve done, but I felt just as honored as if it was.

•  It’s been a super busy week.  I’m really looking forward to a relaxing weekend.


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