And Suddenly Summer Hits Fast Forward

My youngest son got home for “summer” vacation the first week in May.

He’s been home for two full months.

The 4th of July is now behind us, and I realize how little time there is left before he heads back to Texas.

In addition, the remainder of our summer is booked with one thing or another.

I feel a sudden sense of panic about getting everything done these next few weeks.

Do you ever glance at your calendar and think, “But wait …!?”

I have a lot of work this week for various clients.

I also need to start getting my thoughts together for my upcoming road trip.

I’ve scrapped most of my previous road trip plans.

I’m re-thinking exactly how to pull off the whole trip.

I’m still taking the (massive) trip.

I need to see my parents.

I’m just not sure which route to take, how many days to spend taking it, where I’ll be staying as I journey, etc.

(Note to self:  Get your shit together!)

I have the added complication of trying to figure out what gear I’ll be taking …

How to manage file storage while on an extended trip, etc.

I need a new laptop, but I don’t have a new laptop.

It’s so much easier to go places just to go.

When you mix work and travel it gets more complicated.

Of course, I also have to factor my bum arm into my decisions.

What can I carry one-armed?

Will I be able to do this?

What if my arm flares up?

Am I better off doing that?

On the other hand, I suppose part of the adventure is in not planning.

Maybe I should just hop in the car and head up the coast ….

And, take everything as it comes.


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