Monsoon Weather

We’ve recently had hot, humid, weather due to the Arizona/California desert monsoons.

I’m not a fan of humidity.

If I can, I hibernate until it goes away.

Monsoon weather does make for striking photos, though.

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I took the above photo on Sunday.

It rained a (very) little on my drive to the beach.

In the photo, you can see the rain falling in the distance out at sea.

Towards the end of my visit, the lifeguard pulled everyone out of the water due to an approaching lightning storm.

Lightning storms don’t happen here.

I don’t know if anyone really believed him as he tried to warn people.

(Although, you can see how ominous the clouds were in the above photo.)

I’m sure many of you have heard one person was injured on Catalina Island due to the lightning.

One person died and several more were injured at Venice Beach in L.A. County.

The whole thing is very abnormal for Southern California.

We have extreme drought conditions here.

Rain would be welcome.

Lightning, however, is not.

Lightning creates wild fires ….

6 Responses to “Monsoon Weather”

  1. Denise

    I agree about the great skies we’re having up here also, but the humidity? It sends me into the house every afternoon. So scary about the lightning strikes down there. Looking ahead to October…and hopefully rain!!

    • Suzanne

      I hate humidity.
      And yes, I’m hoping we get a good rainy season this year.
      We definitely need it.

  2. Judi

    Normally, this level of humidity would have me hibernating, too, but I just got back from Japan, where it was 98% humidity so this feels great in comparison! The thing I couldn’t get over in Japan was how lush everything was – no drought there. I stood in my friend’s neighborhood and listened to the rush of water around me. There are channels of water flowing through the whole town for irrigation, along the sides of most of the roads. I wished I could bring water back home.

    My friend did say that the temperatures are much milder this summer, though, and they are attributing it to El Niño. If they’re right, then we should have a very wet winter.

    • Suzanne

      Welcome back!
      I bet Japan was a great experience.
      I’ve heard the El Nino predictions too.
      I hope they’re right!

  3. Jan's Sushai Bar

    It’s 59 F here in northeast Ohio today. If we’re lucky, we’ll hit 70 for a high – and there goes any hope we had for an okra crop. Ah, well…thought I was hoping for a hotter summer, considering the incredible cold we had last winter. I hope we don’t get a repeat; a great deal of Ohio’s peach trees were wiped out due to the relentless sub-zero temps.

    • Suzanne

      Wow – that sounds like spring vs. summer weather.
      I’m sure it’s nicer than battling heat and humidity though.
      I hope we do get winter here this year … we never did last year.
      I think you got winter for both of us!


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