Road Tripping – Day #7

I’ve been to Oregon more times than I can count.

I’ve never experienced a heat wave here like I have the last couple days.

(I think it hit 103F!)

Yesterday morning, I tried to get some exercise before it got too hot.

I went for a hike and quickly remembered why Oregon is close to my heart.

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It is so beautiful.

There is so much nature here.

It’s so very, very, green …!

(I didn’t touch the vibrancy and/or saturation of the above photo.)

I’ve been having a nice few days with my parents.

I’m really glad I made the long drive here.

I’m starting to work on details for my eventual return trip.

I’m having trouble getting hotels when, and where, I want to.

Apparently, a lot of people are on vacations in Oregon and California?

Oh well,

I expect it will all work out.

I’m getting very familiar with sketchy hotels in sketchy neighborhoods.

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