I’m in a state of vague-packing.

In other words, I’m not really packing for my trip yet,


I sort of am.

I’m accumulating piles.

I’m making a lot of lists.

I’ve decided, once I get everything together and actually packed,

I will probably begin my road trip.

My departure is very tentative and vague … just like my vague-packing.

As usual, I haven’t even thought about clothes.

When I pack it’s all about what gear I’ll be taking.

I know, with one hundred percent certainty, whatever I don’t bring will be the very thing I *need* when I’m shooting.

Because this will be a road trip, it’s tempting to throw “everything” into the car.

But …?

That isn’t smart or safe.

I’ve had photographer friends who have lost all the gear they own when their cars and/or hotels were broken into.

I plan to keep whatever gear I take with me at all times.

My bum arm limits me considerably.

This is what I know I’ll be taking so far:

•  Camera bodies (2-4)

•  Tripods w/ballheads (2)

•  Cable release (2)

•  Flash (2)

•  Wireless flash remote (2)

•  Portrait lens  (I promised my parents I’d do portraits of them.)

•  Reflector  (for above mentioned portraits)

•  Long distance lens (70-200 with 2x extender)

•  Mid-range telephoto  (probably the 24-70)

•  Several wide angle lenses (because I have a “thing” for shooting wide)

•  Macro lens  (because you just never know when something super tiny will catch your attention)

•  Multiple filters

•  Camera cleaning stuff

•  A zillion (????) compact flash cards

•  Photography backpack and rolling gear bag.

I also bought cases of water to keep in the car.

In theory, bringing water is ridiculous because I can stop anywhere, anytime, and get water to drink.

But …?

I’m one of those people who is rarely without water for even a few minutes.

I’ll keep a small cooler in the car with me and keep a few water bottles cold each day.

As long as I’m hydrated and have my camera,

I’ll be good for hours.

I wish I could blink and have all the pre-vacation stuff done.

I’m getting antsy to GO.

(Oh, and I can’t wait to take you with me too!)

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  1. Missy Stalcup

    I love a road trip. Super excited to see where we are going!

      • Lourdes

        you should take a look at Copic SP firlninees. Replaceable tips. Refillable inks. Probably cheaper in the long run. IMHO much better feel/flow than Microns too.Good luck with the book.


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