A Zonkey

I met a zonkey on my recent travels.

I was told there are only thirty six zonkeys in the United States.

The zonkey I met was named after the cartoon character Eeyore.

His name is Zeeyore.

Zonkey Named Zeeyore © SHaggerty 2014 W-1

Zeeyore was very friendly with me.

(I’m an animal magnet ….!  I really am!)

Zeeyore is being taken care of by a rescue facility.

Zeeyore can’t be reliably tamed because Zeeyore is half wild Zebra.

The other half of Zeeyore is donkey and we all know what an ass donkeys can be.

2 Responses to “A Zonkey”

    • Suzanne

      He’s truly a zonkey.
      Half zebra and half donkey.
      Probably has all sorts of self identity issues ….


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