Cooking, Cooking, And OC Women

I spent a good deal of yesterday cooking.


Normal people (and by normal people I mean MOST people) live on a regular schedule.

My life is chaotic.

Great sunset?

I’m shooting.

If there are clouds – I’m shooting.

If there are massive waves – I’m shooting.

If a client needs me at an odd time – I’m shooting.

I have a hard time balancing my very unscheduled life, a lot of travel, and healthy habits.

I haven’t exercised regularly since before my surgery four months ago.

(In fairness, I’m still dealing with a sprained ankle and I’m very limited between that and my bum arm.)

In an effort to counter my temporary lack of exercise,

I spent an entire day cooking healthy dishes I could freeze/store for those days when I don’t have time to cook.

(Because I have a LOT of days like that.)

While I was cooking, I was thinking …

It seems like there are three primary types of women in Orange County:

Type 1:  Anorexic skinny, never eats, rarely exercises.  No muscle tone.  

One of my single male friends told me he refuses to date the super skinny, starving herself, type of woman.

He finds the lack of muscle tone repulsive.

He also thinks women who never eat are boring.

However, a different male friend of mine told me she would be his ideal woman but only if she would get enormous fake boobs to go with her stick thin body.

His exact words, I believe, were “every man’s ideal woman.”

Type 2:  Athletic.  Lives at the gym at least four hours a day and sometimes much longer.  

She only eats organic locally grown food.

She meditates at 4 a.m. every morning and she is completely obsessed with exercising.

I have a male friend who will ONLY date this woman.

Time and time again, he is surprised to discover his relationships end badly.

This woman’s nonstop body-obsessing carries over to a very self-centered personality.

She spends hours upon hours every day focused on herself, her body, her looks … what else does he expect?

Type 3:  “I don’t give a shit” life motto.

And?  She doesn’t.

She’s perfectly happy eating junk food on the couch while watching TV for hours on end.

Who cares if she lives a few blocks from the beach/lake/mountains …?!

She prefers to live her life wrapped up in her favorite shows and the lives of celebrities.

Of course, there are many OC women who don’t fit into these three categories.

But …?

There are an awful lot who do.

Personally, I feel like I’m always trying to reach some type of healthy, but rarely attainable, balance.

I feel like I have constant goals to exercise more and eat more vegetables.

I don’t know if other people have a hard time keeping balance in their lives.


I sure do!

7 Responses to “Cooking, Cooking, And OC Women”

    • Suzanne

      Ha ha! That’s how I feel.
      If I’m eating healthy, I’m not exercising enough.
      If I’m exercising a lot, I’m on the road and not eating healthy.
      It’s an ongoing battle …

  1. Missy Stalcup

    Always in search of the elusive “balance”!

  2. Jane

    I’m always looking for healthy recipes that I can freeze for later use. Would you share some of yours with us?

  3. Feet

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