Newfoundland Puppies – One Week Old

I want to share an update on the Newfoundland puppies.

They turned one week old last Friday.

The photos I’m sharing today were taken by Heartsease Newfoundlands over the last couple days.

What could be cuter than this pile of puppies?


Here is a photo of two of the boys taken the same day:


It’s hard to imagine not loving such cute pups.

They make my heart melt.

Yesterday, some of the puppies opened their eyes for the first time!

openEyes purple boy

Hello world!

I wonder what it’s like to open your eyes for the first time ever?


It sure feels nice to have someone rub your neck, doesn’t it?

I think the puppy is in heaven having his neck rubbed.

(It makes me want a massage!)

All six of the puppies are growing fast and appear, so far, to be healthy.

I’ll try to update you with a dose of puppy cuteness once a week.

So adorable!

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  1. Mj

    They are irresistible! I wish I was getting one 🙁 I am hoping that the exams turn out that they are all healthy and that you get to have one


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