Summer Is Over

My son returned to Texas, and college, yesterday afternoon.

For me, his departure means summer is now officially over.

I’ve been on the road so much lately,

I’ve got piles of work projects waiting for me.

The remainder of 2014 is going to be exceptionally busy.

Beginning in mid-September, it’s also going to involve a lot of travel.

For that reason, I’m going to really enjoy the next couple weeks of not traveling.

I wanted to take today to answer a few questions I’ve received lately.

First of all, regarding my service puppy ….

If he passes all health clearances, he will come live with me at around 9-10 weeks old.

He will be with me pretty much 24/7 for training, but that training will eventually also involve formal service dog training.

Formal service dog training will involve an instructor (working with me) who knows a lot more than I do about service training.

Until my pup is fully parvo vaccinated (which, if I recall, is around 20 weeks old) he will not be out in public.

Parvo is killing a lot of dogs lately, and I certainly don’t want mine to be one of them.

I already know of one work trip I have to take prior to the pups 20 week point.

I hope to have a family member puppy sit for me while I fulfill that commitment.

On other topics …

•  I’m still not back to the gym due to what has turned out to be a sprained ankle.  (I injured it in Santa Barbara.)  It’s getting better though, so hopefully it won’t be much longer.  (Thank you to Paul Newman for giving me a couple good tips for treating a sprain … after informing me I was currently do everything wrong.  I love that man!)

•  I continue to be amazed at people and/or cities/counties who think they’re doing me a favor by “inviting” me to give them my work for free.  Do they “invite” their dentist to give them dental cleanings for free?  I am running a successful business.  I do not need “exposure”  …. or an attitude of entitlement.

•  On the other hand, I will go above and beyond for my actual clients.

•  In my spare time, I’m cleaning out closets.  That means I’ve taken everything out of them and left it on a pile on the floor.  (Because after I did that, I ran out of spare time??)


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  1. Jan's Sushai Bar

    Ugh – it’s the life of an artist, you know? Everyone thinks you’ll work for the “exposure.” The only people I decorate cakes for free of charge are family – EVERYONE else pays. If you’re a close friend, you don’t pay much; I did a 3-tier cake with handmade gum paste roses for two grass-fed beef briskets and I’ve got a wedding AND groom’s cake in October that I received 50 pounds of venison for, but hey – it was payment! 😉


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