The Labor Day Lull

I always look forward to Labor Day, but for different reasons than most people.

I want Labor Day weekend to be over with.

I want the tourists to depart, and “my” beaches to be empty again.

I know, I know … what a grouch, right?

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After Labor Day, the crowds abate and life returns to normal.

Not that my life is ever “normal,” but …!

This year,

I also want to time warp forward because in September I will be:

1)   Visiting my son in Texas.  (It will be HOT!)

2)   Going to Canada to meet the puppies.  (!!!!)

3)   Possibly visiting with some other family members I haven’t seen in awhile.  (??)

4)  Photographing the annual Surfing Dog Contest.  (Do you remember George the surfing Newfoundland?  He’ll be back!)

In the meantime, I’ll be trying to get lots and lots of work done!

P.S.  I like parentheses today!

(Have you noticed?

((   ))


2 Responses to “The Labor Day Lull”

  1. Jan's Sushai Bar

    Yeah, it’s toasty in Texas in August and September, but I envy you the trip. And just reading about your schedule made me tired! And that’s saying something, since September is prime harvest/canning season in our house.

    • Suzanne

      I didn’t even list half of it …
      My fall is insane.
      I thought it was going to be so calm after summer, but!


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