I Need to Slooooow Down?

I knew I had a hectic, over-scheduled, few months …

But I think it’s gotten a little ridiculous.

Today is my fourth consecutive day home and I’m spending it packing to leave.

The four days I’ve been in town have been filled with “must do’s.”

I saw my orthopedic surgeon yesterday morning and shamelessly begged him not to hurt me.

He went easy on me.

I followed that appointment up with a much needed treatment with Paul Newman.

He was pretty gentle with me too.

Did you know I can’t think, let alone talk, when Paul Newman massages my always hurting neck?

(My neck muscles do a lot of the work for my bum arm.)

I become this puppy ….


It’s kind of embarrassing, actually.

I probably should be more embarrassed, but I think Paul Newman is used to me.

I literally lose all thought mid-sentence and go into some type of instantaneous Neck Rubbing Coma.

Tomorrow will be a very long travel day as I head north to Canada.

Have I mentioned (a billion times?) how much I hate the traveling part of traveling?


I’m going to try my hardest not to travel at all from Thanksgiving through March.

I am very excited, however, for my first visit to Canada.

It will be a quick three day trip, but I’ll be making notes for my return in a few weeks.

(I hope to have a more leisurely visit when I pick up the puppy in a few weeks.)

My arm is “done” from my North Carolina/Georgia/Texas trip, so I’m doing everything I can to go easy on it during my Canada trip.

I’m taking one small rolling carry-on bag, my camera, and only two lenses.

While I’m up north, I’ll be having a few adventures with my new Canadian friends and their gigantic dogs.

They’ve scheduled a very busy weekend for my visit.

Some of our plans are weather dependent, but I’ll be sure to update via Twitter, Instagram and Facebook whenever I can.

I’m not bringing my laptop (in the interest of my arm), so I might not have a blog update regarding the Canada trip until Tuesday.

I’m sure Canada will be a great adventure.

At the same time, I’m really happy I’ll be in town for two full weeks after the trip.

4 Responses to “I Need to Slooooow Down?”

    • Suzanne

      Ha ha!
      You sound exactly like Paul Newman.
      He’s very skeptical too.
      The 3 states in 9 nine days trip nearly killed me though …

    • Suzanne

      I can pretty much guarantee I’ll be taking a lot of those! : )


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