Mouthing Off About Random Things

I seem to have a lot going on in my brain lately.

Much of it has to do with puppies.


Four weeks old!  Newfoundland Puppy.

I also seem to have a lot of opinions about random things.

Here goes ….

•  The NFL has a public relations problem.  The problem exists because the NFL has always lived in a “look the other way” culture.  From the time boys are young, they’re forgiven bad behavior if they excel athletically.  Particularly in football.  Professional football players have a Code of Conduct clause in their contracts.  (As do most executives and employees of most businesses.)  For years, the NFL has looked the other way and rarely enforced the code of conduct.  It needs to stop.  NOW.  Zero tolerance should mean zero tolerance regardless of the ability of the player.  End rant.

•  TSA conducted bag checks on my checked luggage multiple times on my recent nine day trip.  I’m assuming security was stepped up due to the anniversary of September 11th.  Either that, or my travel tripod looks like a weapon when it goes through luggage x-ray machines.

•  One overly enthused TSA employee insisted I needed a pat down since I’m unable to lift my right arm to go through normal airport screening machines.  I informed him I travel all the time and I do NOT need a pat down.  I pointed to an adjacent machine he was standing by.  I told him “they” usually have me go through the other machine instead.  He became even more insistent.  “Fine, if it makes your day – pat me down!” I finally replied.  Right then the TSA agent’s  supervisor came over and questioned what he was doing.  He explained.  His supervisor said, “She doesn’t need a pat down.  Have her go through the other machine.”  THAT’S WHAT I SAID!

•  Speaking of TSA, I found myself explaining to them what to do with an arm disabled person on almost every flight I took these last nine days.  I think I had seven flights over the last nine days.  Shouldn’t the TSA employees KNOW what to do? Why am I the one educating them?

•  How could anyone at Urban Outfitters possibly think it was a good idea to make blood spattered Kent State shirts?  Someone in the company had to maybe, just possibly, suggest it was a terrible idea?

•  I came home to a notice from the DMV I need to renew my driver’s license.  I also came home to a jury summons for a date that conflicts with a week-long scheduled shoot.  I was not thrilled with either.

•  Every six months I stand naked in front of a man and let him look over every bit of my body with a magnifying glass.  It’s humiliating, but I do it anyway because I’m a melanoma survivor.  Yesterday was my get naked for inspection day.  I have to go back in a couple weeks for a biopsy which is no big deal – I’ve had a zillion of them.  I’m sharing this with you because anyone, any age, any sex, any skin color, can get melanoma and/or other forms of skin cancer.  Everyone (even kids) should have a skin check at least once a year.  (More frequently if you’ve ever had any type of skin cancer.)  I’m sure you can think of a million excuses why you don’t have time to do this.  None of them are valid.

Okay, I imagine that’s enough ranting for one day?

I think I’ll go look at a few more puppy photos.

4 Responses to “Mouthing Off About Random Things”

  1. Jan's Sushai Bar

    That puppy is ADORABLE.

    The Urban Outfitter thing is even LESS amusing (if that’s even possible) if your youngest child is a sophomore at Kent State. Just sayin’.

    • Suzanne

      He’s a cute pup, isn’t he?

      I thought about you with the Urban Outfitter deal.
      Idiots ….!
      Think how the families of those who died must feel?


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