I had a great visit to Canada.

I got home late, late, last night.

I’ll have more to share with you tomorrow, but here’s a glimpse of how I spent part of my visit to Canada:

Me w Newfies © SHaggerty 2014 W-1

There’s nothing like a BIG dose of love from a group of Newfoundland dogs and puppies.

I had so much fun!

8 Responses to “Newfies!”

  1. Missy Stalcup

    Did you pick your service dog (baby) yet? They are so cute!

    • Suzanne

      I love them all.
      I am “inclined” towards one, but I’m trying not to get too attached to any particular puppy until they pass their health clearances. I would hate to have my heart set on a pup and then find out he had a bad heart or something like that.

    • Suzanne

      They are so cute.

      See my reply to Missy (above) regarding which pup ….

    • Suzanne

      In fact, when I’m sitting I have to look UP to see eye-to-eye!

  2. LisaK

    That is an adorable picture. Good luck with your new dog when you get it. Can’t wait to read about it.

  3. Cathy B

    That picture kinda says that mama Newf is the dog for you! I know you’re getting a pup, but the way you and mama are looking at each other is really neat.


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