Online Privacy

It seems like every few weeks there’s a big story about online privacy being breached.

Time and time again, I’m surprised by how much online pontificating these stories bring.

I will tell you a secret …

There is no such thing as online privacy.

That’s right, if you get on the Internet you need to assume you have no privacy.

Do I condone hackers?

No, I absolutely do not.

Do I blame the victims of online security breaches?

No, I absolutely do not.

However, as a user of the Internet, everyone should fully realize there is NO SUCH THING as online privacy.

Anyone can find out anything about you if they put their mind to it.

Most of us lead very boring lives.

No one really cares about our lives, so no one puts the effort into tracking down our online activities.

Your mom might care that you looked at a porn site one day when you were bored, but absolutely no one else does.

Every time you do a “search” online, you’re giving away a piece of information about yourself.

(Yes, even if you do so through an “anonymous” search engine.)

Every email and/or text you write and/or receive can be retrieved even if you delete it and empty your trash.

The things you buy, the music you listen to, what you do with/on your cell phone … all of these things give away information about you.

The amazing thing to me is realizing some people are surprised by this.

Again, I don’t condone the actions of hackers.

They should, without a doubt, be prosecuted.

At the same time, everyone who uses the Internet for anything should realize there is no such thing as online privacy.

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    • Suzanne

      It surprises me to realize so many people don’t realize the truth of this …


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