Warning: Sporadic Posting Ahead

Happy Friday!

I will be traveling to three different states over the next 10 days.

Based on my schedule, I *think* I will have time to post on many of those days.

I definitely won’t be posting every day.

Yesterday, a few minutes after posting this (very old!) photo of myself from the Crazy Eighties on Facebook ….

Me © SHaggerty 2014 W-1

Photo taken sometime in the 1980’s on a Lake Powell road trip.

My friend Thomas called.

When I answered the phone, instead of saying hello –

I clicked “answer” and asked,

“Are you calling to tease me about my dolphin shorts?”

He laughed.

(And no, that wasn’t why he was calling.)

Gah – I can’t believe we used to wear dolphin shorts!

I don’t think they were at all flattering even on the tiniest of girls.

And the Big Hair … why did we think that was a good idea?

The 80’s were a lot of fun though …

There’s absolutely no doubt about that.

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    • Suzanne

      Thank you, but I’m actually pretty short waisted.
      I’m not tall but most of my body is made of legs.


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