A Little of This, A Little of …

Wow – where did October go?

•  I decided to do physical therapy all by myself on Monday night.  I thought it would be a good idea because I’m not going to be seeing Paul Newman this week.  I texted him afterward because I was very proud of myself.  I don’t think he was at all impressed.  In fact, he told me not to hurt myself.  (So little faith in my pt abilities!!)   Um …?  His warning might have come a little too late.  I suppose my make-believe masters degree in physical therapy isn’t quite up to par?  I won’t be trying that again anytime soon.  OW!  Only I could take a random flare-up and rapidly escalate it to a teeth clenching level in my attempts to make it better …..

•  I usually love Halloween … absolutely love it.  This year – not so much.  I’m not sure why.  Meh ….  (Maybe because my arm feels like it is rupturing?)

•  I did, in a small attempt to be festive, go with a dark shade (and a little silver glitter) on my nails.  Spooky?


•  I am still loving The Blacklist.  (If you haven’t been watching it all along, I recommend starting at the beginning of Season I.

•  I spent a day making multiple batches of granola this week.  I mailed packages of it to each of my boys.  (I can give my daughter hers in person.)  It isn’t hard to make, but since I was making so much of it – it took a long time.  Why do things always turn out better if they’re homemade vs. store bought?

•  I might have caught myself dancing to a Taylor Swift song yesterday.  I sometimes shock even myself.  (I’m a twelve year old girl?)

•  I’ve been all over Orange County this week, and when I’ve been home I’ve been busy doing a lot of photo editing.

•  I’ve not had time (so far) this week to contact more dog people, although there is one vague dog-possibility floating around out there.  I don’t think I’ll ever (again) believe I’m getting a dog until it has lived in my house for at least a month or two.

•  Upcoming on my schedule:  Some minor girl surgery this Thursday.  Also, I’m scheduled for jury duty in the next couple weeks …. and it conflicts with a scheduled shoot out of state.  Things to look forward to????

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