I have almost this entire week free.

A “free” week NEVER happens … but I had cleared my calendar thinking I would have a brand new puppy this week.

I wanted an open schedule so I could bond with him, etc.

Life is full of funny (and not so funny) twists.

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•  On a positive note, I’ve met some REALLY nice people since having my Bad Breeder experience.  It’s a good thing too, because I  had given up  was about to give up on the human race.

•  Every day I’m contacting a few breeders from the list the NCA gave me of accredited breeders.  I started with those I’ve gotten personal references on … and so far they’ve been great people.

•  I got a flu shot yesterday.  I usually do that around October 1st so I’m a little late.  (We always get flu shots because we have sickness-induced asthma issues in our family.)

•  Do you get a flu shot?  I know a lot of people don’t believe in them for various reasons, but they seem to always keep us flu free.  Fingers crossed!

•  Some of you have asked ….  My sister has improved a lot.  She’s doing much better, but I think she has a long road ahead of her.  Yes, she was wearing a helmet when she had her bicycle accident.  The helmet cracked in half on impact.  In addition to a fractured skull and brain injury, she had numerous injuries/broken bones/etc.  My parents are with her for an extended stay right now.

•  My iPhone (I think it’s an iPhone 4??) is broken.  The touchscreen only works when it feels like it.  For instance, the other day my daughter called me and I kept touching the screen to answer the call.  The phone would not respond.  This went on for quite some time.  I eventually found a land line to call her back on.  (Remember land lines?)  Other times the touch screen works fine.  Also?  It will only connect to wifi once in awhile depending on its mood.

•  Yes, I *am* eligible for a phone upgrade so I ordered the bigger-than-my-head iPhone 6 plus.  I had trouble deciding which of the new iPhones to get.  I went into an Apple store.  The iPhone 6 plus does fit in my small handbag.  It also has a better camera and longer lasting battery … so I chose it.  I mainly use my phone to look at photos anyway – and bigger is always better in the photography world.  I ordered it with 128GB so I can consolidate everything onto my phone.  Yes, even all the music from my very old, and also broken and unusable (but filled to capacity) 64GB iPod.  Unfortunately, Apple tells me my new phone won’t arrive until the end of November.  That means I have to try to coax another five weeks or so out of my broken phone.  Fun times??

•  Yesterday, the Internet went crazy insulting Renee Zellweger for having a face/eye lift done.  Yes, the very same Internet that constantly condemns cyberbulling.  Of course, people would also insult her if she  looked old and/or aging.  I can’t imagine the pressure in the celebrity world ….!   (It’s bad enough just living in Orange County!)

6 Responses to “Randomness”

  1. Denise

    So glad you’re finding nice people to talk with about dogs. I think the idea of co-ownership would be a hurdle I couldn’t get past, but I guess for your needs, finding the right dog is the most important.
    I am waiting for my iPhone 6, the normal sized option. I keep my phone in my back pocket, safely encased in an Otter Box, and the larger phone didn’t seem like a good choice for me.
    I always loved Renee’s face. I felt a little sad that she looks so dramatically different.

    • Suzanne

      The idea was very foreign to me at first.

      My husband has the iPhone 6 and it’s perfect for him.
      I hope I don’t regret getting the bigger version.

  2. Mj

    Happy to hear your sister is doing better! My brother fractured his skull when he was younger by backing a tricycle off of a very high back porch in our home back East. He healed and is doing well these days.
    I am glad you are continuing to pursue breeders. I think I am as disappointed as you are that you didn’t get Fred.

    • Suzanne

      It has been a very difficult experience with the puppy.
      You don’t really realize how attached you get ahead of time until the puppy is snatched out of your arms … and that is truly heartbreaking.

      I hope my sister recovers fully.
      Did your brother suffer a brain injury when he fractured his skull?

  3. Missy Stalcup

    It’s amazing to me how invested we, your readers, are in your puppy search! I wait every morning for the latest updates and really hope you and the doggie find each other soon. I’m glad your sister continues to improve. Yes I too get a flu shot every year since I am dealing with the public all day shaking so many hands, etc. I began getting them when I worked at a gym and was touching all the equipment. It’s worked so far!

    • Suzanne

      I am touched, and feel very lucky, to have readers who care about me and have become invested in my life. I think the puppy journey is going to be a long one. There are just not many pups out there right now. I’ll probably have to wait for a winter litter.


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