I had an unexpected houseguest yesterday.

I arrived home at the end of the day.

I was walking through my garage.

I was lost in thought.

I heard a hiss, and a rattle.

I looked up to see a female red diamond rattlesnake about three feet in front of me.

In my garage!

It was coiled, hissing, rattling its tail and posed to strike.

I backed up, opened the garage door, and went into the house.

I hoped the snake would leave and head out into the sunshine of the day.

It isn’t unheard of to come across snakes when you’re out hiking in the local canyons or mountains.

It is VERY UNUSUAL to find one in your garage.

I waited a few minutes, then cracked open the house door to see where the snake was.

SsssSnake © SHaggerty 2014 W-1

Red Diamond (female) Rattlesnake – phone snap

It had not left and it was headed in the wrong direction.

I’ve seen much bigger rattlesnakes, but I’ve never been in this type of snake dilemma before.

What to do?

I closed the door and waited, again.

Then … another peek.


Red Diamond Rattlesnake Tail – phone snap

Oh no!

The snake was winding itself around the five gallon water bottles.

I took the above photo, and posted it on Instagram with the caption, “RATTLESNAKE IN MY GARAGE!!”

In only minutes @rattlesnakeguy had contacted me from Phoenix, Arizona.

(I just LOVE the Internet!)

He’s the one who informed me the snake was a female and that she had recently given birth.

(Apparently, snake guys know this by looking at her tail and seeing the “fold” towards the end.)

I managed to flag down a neighbor.

He came and (very carefully) removed the snake and placed it in a brush area away from our houses.

Personally, I would have killed it and then burned the house down (twice), but I wasn’t willing to get close to it.

My new friend @rattlesnakeguy then proceeded to educate me about red diamond rattlesnakes.

They have “clutches” of 5 – 25 babies at a time.

They have their babies in the fall.

They stay with their babies for a couple weeks and then separate for the winter.

Many of their babies are eaten by predators.

(I love our road runners!)

@Rattlesnakeguy said to keep an eye out for her babies because they might be in the area.

I’m never going outside again.

I’m wearing sneakers even in the house.

In fact, I plan on wearing sneakers to bed every night.

Wouldn’t you?

11 Responses to “Rattlesnake!”

  1. Jan's Sushai Bar

    Do rattlesnakes have live births?

    And, just where did she HAVE those 25 babies? Um, yeah, I’d be wearing sneakers everywhere, even to bed, too.

    • Suzanne

      Apparently they do have live births.
      If you want to be horrified you can watch one here:

      And who knows where the babies are.
      I haven’t seen any yet, but I’ve been told they’re probably “nearby somewhere.”


  2. Julie in Michigan

    Ewe, I would be creeped out for awhile if I saw a snake in my garage or house.

    • Suzanne

      I am VERY creeped out.

      And looking around with every step I take!

  3. Chris S

    OMG! I am with you. Burn the house down.
    I also would def wear “boots” to bed. LOL

  4. Jenny in MN now in AZ

    completely….freaked….out…. yikes…. blech…I’d be running through my garage and probably parking outside until I knew there were no chances of snakes… yikes…


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